Winter wheels and tyres

Having just purchased my MX5 2.0 auto as my every day car I am considering buying a set of wheels and tyres for winter use. The car is on 17" wheels but I am not sure if 16" 5 stud wheels would fit and be ok for my winter use.  Thanks, 

Yes the 16" wheels from a Mk3 MX5 will fit the Mk3 MX5 car originally supplied with 17" wheels.

The reason being the Brake Discs, Calipers and hubs are the same part for both cars.

As always if you fit tyres to the car that are not to Mazda spec you must advise your insurance company.

The two standard tyre sizes that Mazda use on the MX5 are 205 50 16 or 205 45 17.

Many thanks for the information.