Wireless Android Auto usb

Hi everyone,

Has anyone installed a wireless Android Auto unit like this?

Reviews have both very positive and very negative comments! I’m interested to know members experiences!


Never had much luck with adaptors like that in other cars.

Pretty sure it requires a USB port in the head unit in order to be installed ?

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I’ve used a Carsifi unit (very similar in functionality to the AA Wireless one) in our Škoda Yeti, and it works very well. The Yeti does have (wired) Android Auto and a USB port on the head unit.

(Also, if you do decide to get the AA Wireless adaptor, you can get 10% off at Amazon by using the code CARWOW10OFF).

CBRDEANO and Philip, Thank you!

My MX-5 RF is a 2017 SE-L Sports Nav. I don’t understand if the head unit needs new cables, therefore taking dashboard etc out and worrying if all will go back smoothly!

I wondered if the plug-in unit has the required firmware and it sends to the head unit via Bluetooth.

I understand plug and play but will it work on a 2017 head unit?

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Your car would still need the headunit (CMU) to be AndroidAuto/CarPlay capable, if it isn’t a dongle such as that won’t work. I’ve done the CarPlay upgrade in my 2016 car using official parts, but if its wireless AA/CarPlay you are after apparently you can now get a 3rd party USB module that looks identical to the Mazda one that also adds wireless capability. So in short, whichever route you choose you still need to take the dash apart, however it all comes apart very easily and goes back together without issue.


Thanks GarethC,

I’ll do some serious thinking!