World Record Attempt Whats the point?

Is it me? but what is the point of a world record attempt, when you already hold the record and there is no one else that wants to try and beat it, seems a waste of time, or am I just being cynical?


Just a bit of fun, plus i have a Blyton ‘i am a Guinness record breaker’ sticker in my windscreen and i’m quite proud of it.
How many people can say “i’m a record breaker”?


P.S. you don’t have to join in!

Hi Keith,

I think Mo Farah will always aim to better his best to make others work harded to beat him…

Hope the record gets set and then more challenges can be made!


Just a bit of harmless fun and a chance to get a big group of mx5’s together. Why does there have to be a “point” to it?


Come on K lighten up. life is very short. What is the point of an MX5!!! Get a bit of fun back in your life and turn up tomorrow and you will experience first hand what ‘the point is’.


It’s a great idea to achieve a new record in the anniversary years of both the club and the MX5.

Also this time we will have all the Marks there that have ever been built, so a nice sight to see and experience. Definitely a worthwhile trip if you can attend.

I’m looking forward to it and the weather should be fine, so tops down and enjoy. 


One of the records we don’t hold, but we would like to. 

But basically it’s a bit of fun, it’s a challenge, and ain’t that what life’s about?

Ok you’ve talked me into it, if it isn’t chucking it down I will be there.


Birch services, M62 turn left as you come off the M66, 8am for 8.30am, see you there?


Let’s hope you made it in the end. I can’t think there’d be another attempt unless you booked Heathrow airport cos I couldn’t see how you could squeeze any more in. 

Plus on the way dropped a card on a Mk2 which wasn’t showing a club sticker and once we arrived my brother was gobsmacked and he had a card too, soon to be a new member. 

actually, having done it now its was a helluva lot more than just a bit of fun! Anyone else find that?


Couldn’t agree more, it’s a vision that will live with me for a very long time! 

This is another thread for the Grumpy Section! 




New forum will only have one section… 





Yes, my wife and I will remember the occasion forever - we felt it really was something quite special. Thanks again!