Worst Performing Forum Ever

I’m a member on a number of forums and I must stress that this is by far the worst one ever.

I’m not talking about the content, or the members, but the performance of the forum or server it’s running on.

Its very slow, takes an age for a page refresh, takes an age to post anything, even sometime failing to respond at all.

As per other threads, a new forum is coming very soon

Can’t come soon enough :wink:


For what it’s worth. That error was likely following an automatic restart following server updates.

I’m sure that we are all looking forward to the new system, and also appreciate that it takes time to do such things and get them right. We’ve had shaky forum launches in the club before (thinking back to the previous forum in 2008, for those who were around back then) and so we know first hand that it isn’t easy to get these things right, and having to rollback launches is very disruptive as well.

The new system also encompasses a new membership admin system which is essentially the backbone of the club, and whilst invisible to the majority of people, needs to be spot on in order for the club to operate.

Hopefully those closely involved will soon be confident that we are ready. In the meantime, we can only be supportive of their efforts.

i just tend to give up and come back later lol

Any timescale for the server updates?


From another thread:

Have to agree,always has been.