Yellow engine light Mk3

Tonight on my way home from work my yellow engine light came on!

Any ideas on what it might be and if it will be ok to drive to get it sorted as I dont want to cause any damage by driving it?

Its an 06 with 25k on the clock.



A whole host of things can cause the light to illuminate, from a sensor playing up, to a fundamental problem.

The light by itself is not a reason to stop driving necesserily - it is a warning, rather than an alert - I mean, if you’re coolant light comes on you stop, if your fuel light comes on, you take note and fill up.

Any competent garage will have the OBD equipment necessery to find out what caused the issue, and will reset the light, likewise the RAC/AA will be able to do this as well.


The range of things that can trigger the light is huge, ranging from the battery voltage dropping when starting (common in the winter), to misfires, to sensors failing, so it is not really possible to guess what it might be unfortunately.

Read the owners manual, with the engine light on it is possible that catalyst damage will occur and in that case the car shouldn’t be driven. Although I think in that case the light will flash.

 Our warning light has been on and off for months, and Mazda seem to be running out of ideas on what to try next. Have had a reset, replacement transmitters, replacement cat, parts swop from a donor car of similar age etc etc. And one time the light went out of it’s own accord for a few days! They even chaanged the ECU at great cost.

Hope you fare better than we have so far - Have now suggested a MK3.5 would cure it!