Yellow Mk2.5 Bath Road, Reading

 Came up behind me by Prospect Park in Reading.

If you are on here that’s a lovely looking MX5 you have there.

 i hope it wasn’t mine, as its been in at the dealership  for 9 days (in Worcestershire) - i’ll check the milage!!![;)]

 Well the car driver and passenger were a couple of very attractive blonde ladies, so If this sounds like the mechanics at your local dealership then it could be your car.

Obviously if the description does sound like the mechanics at your local dealership please let me know which dealership it is.








 No it doesn’t sound like my lot.

if i spot any like that, I’ll let you know, but if you find any fit single males for me, it will be a fair swap[;)]


Ali (Brunette!!)

now this is wierd, are you sure you weren’t seeing a ghost car?

I remembered this story from last year, two women in a yellow mx5 had a really bad smash on the Bath Road, right by Prospect Park…