ZunSport Grille in NC 3.5

Does anyone have experience of fitting a grille to the NC3.5 Facelift?

I’m assured by ZunSport that they have supplied the correct part, but I’m struggling to fit it. It’s supposed to just push in, and then fold over the lugs.

They have suggested removing the number plate housing - is that easy to do?

Difficult to see from your picture, have you bought the full grill or the one with the number plate cut out? This is mine and you have to remove the plinth completely.


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I removed the number plate plinth to fit my Zunsport grill, which made it very easy to then fit the grill.

My number plate plinth was held on with pop rivets which I had to drill the rivet heads to remove them.

I re secured the number plate plinth with self tapping screws one the Zunsport grill was fitted.

I don’t think I have been sent the correct part…


Definitely not! It’s neither one or the other! :nerd_face:

Actually, it’s quite confusing! I can’t actually see the one I bought on the zunsport site, although it is there on mx5Parts site? :thinking:


Can’t make out which one it is, but I fitted a similar Z Sport grille to a MK3 Sport a few years ago. Cut my fingers on the rough edges and used a couple of self tappers to secure the grille into the plastic, as just the lugs were not sufficient in my opinion. Looked good though!
Good luck.

ZunSport had supplied a 3.75 Grille not a 3.5 version.

Quite pleased with how it looks.

Shame about the dead bugs!


…and the illegal reg plate :smiley:

wind up mode

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As Trigger would say, “Nice one Dave”! :wink:
I have the 3.75 one which does look good as yours does. :+1: