15/20 Camping

 Anyone got any camping plans for the 15/20? Is there an “official” camp site that is near the hotel that is hosting the gala dinner?

Don’t know if the OC have anything planned yet, but nearest campsite to gala dinner is Bosworth Water Trust - http://www.bosworthwatertrust.co.uk/cms/index.asp?area=Home

Gala dinner is at Bosworth Hall Hotel (I think!) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosworth_Hall_Hotel

Map - The Water Trust is to the west of Market Bosworth (see just beyond the canal), and the hotel is just on the east edge of the village.

jase was just asking me if anyone has decided whats happening about camping this yr


“Our camping facilities are only open to families and couples. We only take bookings from Families and couples (over 23).”

Any other options you know of Goof?

 I’ll give them a call if you want - we go there quite often.

There is another campsite not too much further away in a small village called Upton, known as “Upton Barn” - opposite end of the market to Bosworth Water Park… but friendly enough.

Are the 15/20 committee looking at camping sites? - I don’t want to duplicate efforts or tread on toes…


 not so far as I know but I will ask and check back with you…

 http://www.uptonbarn.co.uk/ - ignore the CV (Coventry) post-code, it’s a quirk in the system! ~ it’s 5.2 miles from the Bosworth Hall Hotel (gala dinner), and 8.2 miles from Mallory circuit ~ that’s not taking the lanes either.

Upton Barn is a site that was once a dairy farm, but turned to leisure ~ a few electric pitches, and a big field! - oh, and a pub that I think also sells food too! (it certainly sells beer!).

Any camping at the circuit being looked into?

 I believe that because we are only having a single day event there will be no camping on site…  if we wished to camp we would have had to add costs of security guards and admin staff over night - now that it is not a 2 day event those costs can not be absorbed by the overall budget and would therefore make it very expensive to recoup the costs from our camping members.

I also believe that as most of the 15/20 committee don’t live anywhere near Malory it is best for you to crack this one for us Goof…  a volunteer is always better than a pressed man so please run with it and treading on toes is not an issue.


 there you go Goof, Mick is on the 15 20 team so take that as a go for looking into it for us all,  and thanks… I may even be camping…


ah… good point - although Goof is aware, I have now added a strap line to my profile saying I’m on 15/20 Committee

 Thanks all for the update!

I’ll try and sort out something with Bosworth Water Trust initially, then if they insist on playing silly buggers I’ll look into Upton Barn.


Cheers Mr Goof

 ditto :slight_smile:

 Any news on the Camping Mr Goof?



 Watch this space - spoke to 2 sites yesterday, need to make a couple more calls… [Y]

Right, initial camping update - <o:p></o:p>

I have negotiated a discounted rate with Bosworth Water Trust, BUT they insist on 2 night bookings - this is due to the local schools being off, and they will have no trouble filling the site to capacity.
But anyway, here goes:-<o:p></o:p>

The normal price is £17 per pitch, per night - discounted down to £15 per night.<o:p></o:p>

Bookings via telephone recommended - you must mention “MX5 Owners Club” when booking - they will put us all together in the same area then, as well as securing the discount.<o:p></o:p>

They will require a deposit off you when you book - £10 per night (i.e. £20 total), balance on arrival.<o:p></o:p>

Contact details:-

Phone - 01455 291876
Email -
Address - Bosworth Water Trust, Far Coton Lane, Wellsborough Road, Market Bosworth. CV13 6PD
(accept the Coventry CV postcode - it is correct, and it’s in Leicestershire!)

The good news! - Bosworth Water Trust is an excellent venue - it has 2 lakes, sailing & windsurfing, fishing, and plenty of open area as well as being set in a very pleasant part of the country.<o:p></o:p>

Make the most of it - stay 2 nights and visit other local sights whilst you’re there ~ Bosworth Battlefield, Twycross Zoo, Bosworth Battlefield Line (steam trains), Bosworth Park - opposite Bosworth Hall hotel (gala dinner), and of course a Sunday at Mallory Park if you need more motoring action.
st1:placest1:placenameDonnington</st1:placename> st1:placetypePark</st1:placetype></st1:place> isn’t too far away either…<o:p></o:p>


Some useful links:-
Bosworth Battlefield Line<o:p></o:p>

Nicely done Goof, I’ll be booking the Friday night, the Saturday night and maybe the Sunday night too. Who’s with me?

Katiekeks says "

Nicely done Goof, I’ll be booking the Friday night, the Saturday night and maybe the Sunday night too. Who’s with me?"

I’ll be there Fri & Sat - makes a weekend out for the family.


 yep we will hopefully  be camping  friday and sat