1990 V Special BRG

On the way to work, whilst waiting at a set of lights I suffered some idle droop. Classic sign of un-metered air entering in the system, so a quick rummage under the bonnet, discovered one lose pipe, which I clipped back. All sorted. However, I did notice this on the JR CAI pipe, which is a ‘bellows’ type affair. Its been rubbing against the fan cover on the radiator (sharp metal!), and whilst not cut through, it wouldn’t be long.

Ordered a 70mm silicon hose replacement. Much stronger, and actually is a better fit. Back to zoom zoom.

Can’t say I’m not jealous! That’s a clean looking NA with a unique colour and I like the fact that it’s a ‘sleeper’ with the stock rims. 

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes I’ve tried to keep her as standard looking as possible. Everything I have done is also reversible. I actually rather like the Daisies. I’ve toyed with changing to some silver and gold Rota RB’s, but I’m holding back on that for now and just plan to get these renovated in next couple of months.

Love a nice V spec!

How do you find the meisters? I’m considering these for mine too but I’m concerned about the crashy ride and scuttle shake. It already has plenty on standard (worn) suspension…


Meisters are a vast improvement over my 25 year old suspension. I have the set them pretty soft, so are nice and compliant. Certainly a huge amount of the noise, rattles and shakes vanished, and grips the road so much better. You need to get a decent four wheel alignment at the same time. It’s no doubt firmer than standard, but is totally fine for everyday use.

Not much has been happening in Rusty’s world on the car front these past few weeks. Usual commuting to work in the MX5, and she is running really well. Even managed to get a wave out of a Mk3. Only downside is the BRG paint seems to attract pollen like a magnet and iron filings. Keep having to wash her (well, that’s my excuse)!

At Christmas, my kids bought me a plastic model to make. Now, I haven’t made a model for probably over 20 years, and acrylic paints etc hadn’t been invented then. The results are therefore a little rough round the edges (model isn’t quite finished in the photo). Clearly I need an airbrush if I want to do this properly, but I had some fun making it. Kids never grow up :) 

Couple of updates for you from the road to perfection (or is that the road to ruin??)

I’ve been speaking to Mark at MSX Dials http://www.msxdials.co.uk/, as wanted to change my dial faces for something clean and simple. I’ve always loved some of the early Ferrari gauges, so he mocked up a set for me based on one of my favorite cars (you’ll have to guess which model :) ). 

I did however have a small hiccup during the install, when attempting to remove and then attach the needle stop to the oil gauge. Just as I was fitting it, I dropped a small amount of glue on the face. Gutted! I owned up my mistake to Mark, and without any hesitation, he sent me a replacement, free of charge (even though I had offered to pay).

Having learnt my lesson, I decided on taking a different path, so I ordered some 2mm black plastic rod (actually from a guitar fret), which I melted the end using a soldering iron, and enabled me to push this through from behind. A small dab of paint on the end ensured the cut end was showing as black, and then super glued it all in.

Spent a while setting the needles correctly, but all now good. I’ve been struggling to get a decent photo in daylight without reflections, but a couple of shots below for you. 

Highly recommend Mark at MSXDials. Whilst currently not the range of Revlimiter, postage is considerably less, and he will work on designs for you. Service is second to none and fantastic quality!

Finally, one of the issues of having fitted the Jackson Racing CAI is the fact that the bonnet prop doesn’t have anywhere to be fixed to when not in use. I had been waiting for some bonnet lifters to become available from MX5Parts, but they just had the chrome version which I didn’t like. Moss, however, have now started stocking a Cobalt model, which is a single gas strut and a mounting plate:

Wasn’t cheap at over £30, but good quality fixing bracket to take the weight and not exposed/visible when closed. They are really designed for the US Miata, so the Eunos being RHD, meant the lower bracket has to fit on one of the wiper mounts and needed a bit of tweaking to get right.

The bonnet now rises gracefully into the air, and actually is now higher opening. Also, as the mounting point is at the back of the engine bay, you aren’t trying to work round ones that are mounted mid point down the wing.

A big box from Autoparts arrived today for a service, so plenty to play with at the weekend 

Weather has been great for the MX5 and she is running so well.  Just given her a clay, polish and wax.

Noticed a little bit of green mold forming on the mohair roof. Had a quick go with the Autoglym roof cleaner to see how it goes, and has cleaned a small section up nicely:

Will now get on and clean the rest of the hood up and then reproof.

As I had waxed the car the other day, checked to see how it the bodywork responded to getting wet. Impressive results as water literally flung itself off the car:

Finally, got a set of new door cards to fit, courtesy of a group buy on one of the other forums.  Looks good quality and will certainly be better than the 27 year old cards that are starting to curl…

I ordered some green LEDs to replace the OEM bulbs in the instrument cluster to see what they do to the gauges:

Trying to get the polarity correct for the LEDs (scored 1 out of 4 on first attempt!):

Here are the gauges with the OEM bulbs:

Now with the LEDs:

Photo doesn’t really do justice to the finished article, but a lot brighter and more defined than OEM. However, the red line hatching is now washed out. Will leave it for now and see how I get on. May order some white LEDs to see what they do, but want to keep it close to OEM rather than having a technicolor riot inside the cabin!

Just changed the green LEDs to some white LEDs. So much brighter and clearer, and makes the gauges look much more modern. The washed out graphics, have gone and very sharp now, so much happier with them. I dont have a dimmer control, so hoping not too intrusive on night vision, but just been out for a drive and I didnt crash into anything!

Not the best photo, but you can see the difference to the previous one.

Very neat. I’ve enjoyed reading about the TLC your 5 is enjoying, keep up the good work!

Very neat. I’ve enjoyed reading about the TLC your 5 is enjoying, keep up the good work!

Very neat. I’ve enjoyed reading about the TLC your 5 is enjoying, keep up the good work!

Very neat. I’ve enjoyed reading about the TLC your 5 is enjoying, keep up the good work!

The long hot Summer is now slipping away ;) , and holidays and work has kept me off the forum, so just a quick update.

You may recall I fitted a Cobalt bonnet lifter, which is a single strut a few months back? The bracket for this that attaches to the bulkhead has been a little problematic. Essentially its too sort and being attached by just the one bolt, it twists, resulting in the strut popping off. Not ideal! So I made a bracket that fits behind the wiper motor, and held by the two top retaining bolts. No twisting now!

Only other work has been to have a pre Winter blitz with Dinitrol, so topped up the coating and filled the sills (stuff was pouring out of the drain holes!) as this is the time when there should be the least amount of condensation in the car.

Otherwise its just about driving. I love the early Autumn mornings for a top down drive. The air is just that little bit more dense so the engine pulls just a little bit better (yeah, OK, maybe that’s just my imagination?!).

Heading for the next MOT in a month or so. As part of the prep, changed the oil, filter and plugs today, with the resulting scrapes and scars down my arms from delving into the engine bay to get to the oil filter :( .

I have also purchased a GPS tracker for the car. Just a small one, but not the cheap Chinese copy. I like it. Has a couple of covers, one being magnetic, and easily concealed in the car. They even provided a correct SIM card all set up and installed, so no faffing trying to find a 2G card. Tested it, and strong signal even when hidden in depths of the car. Comes with two batteries, which I change once a week, so you can always have one charged and ready. If you want, can hard wire with a separate kit, but I’m not doing that.

MOT passed with no advisories.

Did notice that it was pulling slightly to the left under heavy braking. Bled the brakes before the MOT (just a small amount of air in the system), and at the MOT confirmed only a slight imbalance across the front axles. I can still feel it though, so will strip the calipers at the weekend before the onslaught of Winter. 

Finally, I am booking the daisy’s in for a refurb and powder coat in the coming weeks, so will share pics once that has been done.

Keep the updates coming, nice looking car.

The models not bad either, done a few myself years ago.

Must get around to building the NA and NC kits I’ve got, spend too much time driving/upgrading the real thing

Something I have always wanted to do, was find an original Nardi Evolution gear knob that came with the V Spec. When I bought the car, this wasn’t present, and I had just a standard plastic one, which I replaced with cheap wooden one from the 'bay.  Decent ones seem rarer than hens teeth, and prices for even rough second hand ones, are crazily high, with new ones only available abroad with mad postage prices. However, at the weekend, by chance, I discovered that Driftworks sell one with the correct M10 thread, and not just the grub screw fitting.  


Oooh - its lovely. I think the ‘original’ is two tone in colour, but this will do for me.  So much more tactile, I just want to change gear all the time now.