1st 2nd Gear change MK3

Hi after reading endless threads on difficulty on 1st 2nd gear changes,just come across this thread on the Miata site particularly the bit about reverse lockout plate.Just wondered if anyone changed this part to any success

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I would suggest that is a totally different issue to grating syncro’s which is most people’s concern.

NickD, can you, or anyone else please, help to re-direct me to any discussions, relating to 1st and 2nd gear selection on the NC, especially when the engine is cold?

Have a read here…

If you’ve not already done it change the gear oil. I guessing you have a 6 speed?
Castrol Syntrans is the oil I’ve used, you’ll need a smidge over 2 litres to fill the 6 sp, under 2 ltrs for a 5 sp.
It does make a difference with the oil change and in addition the following…
Grease the upper joint on the gear shifter and top the turret oil up, it could be dry.
If you experience you need to floor the clutch pedal to get a relatively crunch free change the pedal height bite point can be adjusted too.
Finally as I’ve mentioned in that link, try adjusting you gear change style. I’ve done all the stuff mentioned including instead of trying to force the change between 1st and 2nd I tend to do it in a two stage movement, a slight pause between. It’s then ok after the warm up but I continue to change gear in the same manner.

I bought a brand new car around 6 years ago still got it. That was a pig to get in 1st gear when cold (in winter) and sometimes reverse brilliant when warm. The gearbox is slick when warm, best car I’ve owned in recent years (MX-5 apart) that’s a SEAT and why I’ve kept it so long.

Thanks MickAP, much appreciated.

Mines a 5 speed witch was notchy etc even after warm up. Swapped the internal oil and topped up the turret(which wasn’t that low) and it made the world of difference.