2022 MX-5 National @ Sywell

This year the National Rally is going to be heading to Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton on Sunday 11th September.

We are working on the details now and will post updates here and on the websites very soon.
Some introductory information in the next edition of Soft Top Hardtop

Your Rally access pass will be included with your August Magazine and will be required to access the event.

With this being the first event after lockdown we expect this to be a busy Rally and we are working hard to secure all the traders, specialists and guests for the day.


looking forward to seeing more!

■■■■■■, Tizzy will be with the MX5 Restorer.

Will be my first time at this show just recently got into MX5’s bought a MK3.5 last year and a launch edition late last year was gonna sell the NC but Just can’t, Will need to decide which one to bring down
Decision Decision

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We will be bringing our cars to the event and staying at the Aviator Hotel. We are looking forward to the event and meeting everyone.:grin::+1:

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Aviator booked for “us” too.

did we gets the dates for it yet then?
i looked in the mag but maybe a missed it as it was only a quick skim through.

September 11th…

First line of the original post??

thank you rob

I guess I missed it somehow on the first post, I knew the location was up there but I could have sworn they said that the date would follow later!
anyway, thank you both very much I should be able to remember it easy now.

Just booked Saturday night at the Aviator Hotel. Has anyone else booked the Saturday night? It would be good to meet up.

Better start cleaning

Check your belts :wink:

Lol… Will do :relaxed: