2022 MX-5 National @ Sywell

Received my magazine today but there is no national rally pass included.
How do I get one please.


I would check again as ours magazine is here with the ‘hanger’ for Sywell enclosed. It was between the mag and the address sheet.
It is blue card 4 inches by 8 inches with a hook cut out on one end.

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I checked and checked again, between all the pages as well. Nothing.

Please note that the MX-5 NATIONAL - NEWS COMING SOON - Home (nationalrally.co.uk) is NOT operational at the moment, Iain is aware and is working on it as we speak.
Please be patient and keep checking as he will make it ‘live’ at the earliest opportunity.

I have had to delay publishing the update to resolve a new ticketing requirement, please bear with me while I get this sorted.

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I got my e-ticket. The event date shows as Tuesday 13th September. Ooops!

Thanks for not being a dork about it…. at 2am last night I had to duplicate and delete the event to get the discount mechanism to work, eventbrite helpfully sets a new date for you instead of just replicating the existing and I had not noticed as was focused on the functioning of the discount.

It’s amended now, all the tickets are valid as issued against the event.


Thanks Iain. I guessed as much. I had a similar thing happen with the last VW rally I went to :upside_down_face:

So will the ‘miss dated’ tickets become collectors items and demand vast amounts of money on eBay???
I hope so!!!


Hi Iain, Patricia & I still have not received our copy of STHT, would it be because of our surname begins with W,
also we do not understand about the entry ticket as mentioned in this thread, perhaps you could clarify.
Patricia & John Wheeler

If you go to this THE 2022 MX-5 NATIONAL - Home (nationalrally.co.uk) and click on ‘Tickets’ then where it says’ enter promo code’ just type in your membership number then chose your tickets and then ‘Checkout’. As if by magic your tickets will show as free.
Sometimes the mag is a little slow to arrive so I would not be too concerned yet but do remember to look for the interior mirror ‘hanger’ when it does.
Hope this helps.

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Hi, Followed your instructions and evenbright have taken £20 out of my paypaLacount and the tickets show £20 paid, what has gone wrong?

You have to put your membership number (5 digits) in the promo code box to get free tickets. Did you do this?
When you went to pay the total should have been Nil, did you check before proceeding?
I would contact eventbrite to resolve this. It all worked perfectly for me so I am not sure what went wrong.

Yes i have now contatced evenbrite and filled in a refund request…Howver the 2nd time I tried to order ticket it worked and now have a 2nd ticket with ‘free’ printed…

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Well done, I am sure all the ‘hassle’ will be rewarded with a fantastic day out in September.
Hope to see you there in person.

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I have ordered two tickets for the National entry and put my membership number in and ended up paying for the tickets which was £30.00 as we are taking two cars. I must of done something wrong as I thought it was free for members. Can someone help me please. Many thanks.

Did you click apply when entering your membership number in the promo box?
I’ve just ordered mine, worked ok, free.

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A question about tickets, do we need to print them off or can I just show them on the phone to gain entry?

Thanks for your reply.
I thought I did do that. I have contacted Eventbrite to see what can be done about it. Maybe cancel tickets and start again. I’ll shall see what they say.

1. Click Enter promo code

2. Input your membership number

3. Press enter and check the tick is showing.

All Tickets purchased incur non refundable fees from Eventbrite, the Club is absorbing these fees, but issue refunds may not return the full amount