2023 National Rally

I am a member of the MX5 club and would like to attend the 2023 National Event in Warwick !! However my MX5 is off the road, so can I attend in another vehicle for free ??

If it is the same as normal then the simple answer is yes but you will be parked in the ‘normal’ car park.

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Thank you :blush::blush:. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to go and join everyone else, or if I would have to go to the “naughty corner” !! It’s the naughty corner for me then !! Ha ha !! I went to Sywell Airport last year and couldn’t see a general car park, so not sure where the general public parked that day. Thank you again for your help. :+1::+1:

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At Sywell the ‘naughty corner’ was through the same entrance as the 5s went in but you were then separated and parked on the left, you then walked in.

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There should be a naughty naughty corner for anyone who rocks up in an MGF or Z3/Z4.

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Just received my copy of Soft top hardtop but the hanger for entry to the rally wasn’t in it.

Who do I need to contact to get one?

Are dogs allowed at the national rally?

According to this Access & Facilities (britishmotormuseum.co.uk) only ‘Guide or Assistance Dogs are welcome.’ but I am sure a phone call to the museum will clarify.

I guess it’s a joint decision with the MX5OC and the motor museum whether this event allows dogs. As far as the motor museum are concerned for outside areas…



Dogs are NOT allowed into the Museum or Collections Centre, with the exception of Guide or Assistance Dogs which are allowed. Dogs are however permitted outside within the Museum grounds, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and all mess picked up and disposed of. They should not be left in hot or unventilated cars"


This will be the first OC Rally I won’t be able to attend I think in 20 years. SAZ9961 receiving attention to the fuel injectors, which will hopefully sort its over fueling issue.

Last time I was at Gaydon, someone put graffiti on the car

Enjoy the day


Lost my magazine / hanger. I’ve got my membership card is that enough to get in?

No Rally photo thread?

Green or brown?


THANK YOU to all involved in the rally - great organisation, parking, events, displays and of course loads of the car we all adore :+1:

I really should take some photos, but always too busy looking and admiring :wink:

Terribly sad to read about RichardFX’s unfortunate bump on the way this morning - wishing you all the best Sir - I hope everybody else’s journeys were less eventful.

Just few that caught my eye, if you are in shot or your car is and don’t want to be, let me know.


Did I see someone’s hardtop left on the hard shoulder of the M69 on the way down? It looked like one!

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Good pics Mick. I clean forgot to check the photography tent, for the photos of cars coming in!

Does anyone know if these are available to view/purchase online?

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They said they’ll be on-line by the end of the rally.

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Base colour for camouflage?