A MASSIVE thank you .....

 I would just like to say a massive thank you to every one who came to Prescott today. I did not stop smiling all day, and your comments to me were so nice…thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so glad that you all had a good day.

Carol & Jim Big Smile

 Your welcome, although I am so tired now I cant remember if I was even there!

Great day though and thanks to all who helped me make the hill climb queuing system work so well and made sure that everyone got their two runs (at least!) …and all the participants in the hill climb for bearing with us while we lined you all up and I had to check tickets etc.

Hope you all had a great time!

Big Smile Have to add our sincere thanks to Carol & Jim and indeed all of the club volunteers and the Bugatti OC staff at Prescott for helping to make today work so very well, it has been a rip-roaring sucess - we thoroughly enjoyed being at Prescott today especially for the Hillclimb runs and to meet so many friends, Mrs. Eunos Angel was thrilled at being lucky enough to win a ride up the hill in a vintage Bugatti and will be glowing for weeks…

I hope the spectators enjoyed the events as much as the participants, we tried to entertain the crowd as best we could:

We had a lot more fun than we were perhaps expecting - so again, thankyou to everyone for helping to make it so very goodThumbs up

Dr. & Mrs EunosGeekAngel

Yup, thanks to all involved for a fanatstic day! One of the best days out i’ve had for a while, and everyone was so friendly! Hope to attend the next event next year.


PS: For those interested, i’ve stuck a quick vid of my run up the hill here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y0f8J-zups&list=HL1347820250&feature=mh_lolz



It was a fantastic day, and huge thanks to everyone involved with organising this event. Great cars, a wonderful venue, lovely friendly people, and even the weather was kind!

All the effort that went into it was greatly appreciated, and I think the smiles on everyones’ faces showed that was the case.

Best wishes,



A big thank you to the marshalls and organisers for today. I really enjoyed myself, have been wanting a run up Prescott for a while now :beer:






















 Thanks to all the organisers and everyone who helped to make this such a fantastic day out. Myself and my family all thoroughly enjoyed itBig Smile

Had a great day. Many thanks to everybody involved in organising. Salute I can now tick off “Drive up Prescott” from my list of things that I have been wanting to do. How much fun was that!!! Dancing

 Yes, a brilliant Rally , raising the bar and setting a new high standard for future events.  Congratulations to Jenny & David, , Carol & Jim, Iain, PJ and the whole team for bringing us this superb and well organised event.  For me, driving The Hill was the star ingredient; am I alone in thinking that motorsport must play a central role in all future Nationals?

Ken Stanbury.  Northamptonshire Area Coordinator

Thanks to the organisors and all the people involved with all parts of the event for a great day.

The choice of venue was inspired imo. Getting to drive the hill really made the day for me. I’ll also enjoy using the mug gift, a useful thing to receive. Thanks All.

Totally brilliant day, so enjoyed my runs up the hill in Project Merlot, by the last run I sort of got the hang of it and didn’t need to leave so much rubber on some of the corner…! oops… nearly went straight on at the steep left hand hairpin!!!  also great to get the other car shiney again for the competions…   Thumbs up

 Just like to add my thanks to the organisers for all their hard work. Thoroughly enjoyed myself & managed to speak to loads of ‘old’ friends.

Good to watch the hill climb, now just got to watch my videos.

Thanks againClapping hands in the air 

A fantastic rally, thanks to everyone who was instrumental in making it happen.

No, the massive thank you goes to you for organising it Big Smile

A great day, many thanks to everybody involved, including the scouts, marshalls and traders.Good Job

Indeed, a very big thanks to all the organising team, very well run day and have met so many nice people today, trade was also brisk. Thanks again.


Brian & April.  www.mx5revive.com

Just to add my thanks to everyone on the Organising Team for putting together such a great event. A superb location and I really enjoyed my runs up the hill - something I will probably never be able to repeat. Brilliant venue choice and many,  many thanks from me and all the other SE Area Members who attended too.

Kind regards - Paul

We also need to thank Ellie and her team from SWM for their support in organizing the drives and helping out on the day.


 Agreed…without Ellie and her team we could not have pulled it off so well…they were tireless in working on the registration tables and in creating some really fantastic runs for the previous day…and everything else that they got involved with…thank you!

… and let’s not forget Iain Fleming…  as the man who has to take overall responsibilty on behalf of us all his influence on our National Events is now becoming clear… and I like what I am seeing… Thumbs up