ABS warning light posting more codes after changing "Problematic ABS Sensor"

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 1999 10th Anniversary edition
  2. I’m based near: Bristol, UK
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: ABS warning light

Hello, i have been having a problems with the ABS, originaly the fault code given was just for the front passenger side ABS sensor(I got the code from shorting the pins in the diagnotic box in the engine bay as there is no OBD2 port). Knowing this i have replaced the ABS Sensor on that side with the aftermarket one on MX5parts(ABS Sensor purchased).

Now i have have replaced that sensor on that side, but it is now spitting out codes for both passenger side front and drivers side front sensors. I am assuming i just need to replace the drivers side sensor as well(So they are syncronus), but i am not sure.

Any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated!:slightly_smiling_face:
(I can send photos)

The driver’s side sensor failing could just be down to Sod’s Law, but it’s odd that the passenger’s side sensor code is still showing. Have you cleared the fault codes?

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Thanks for the reply. I did try to clear the abs code by pumping the brake method(but this was unclear if it worked), and also i have driven the car for around a 2 weeks now. finaly i also unplugged the battery and waited. This still did not clear the code.

After outputting all of the codes, pumping the brake pedal should stop the light from flashing, did that happen?

Yes the light did stop flashing.

Do you have to drive the car for the light to come back on? Was it definitely a faulty sensor rather than a damaged wheel speed sensor ring?

I do not need to drive the car for the light to come back, its there as soon i start it. i have not looked into replacing the sensor ring as of yet.

Probably not the ring to be honest it the code returns immediately. Have you checked the resistance of the new sensor and the one that you haven’t replaced yet?

I have not tried this yet, what should the correct reading be on the multimeter and where should i measure from?

Disconnect the sensor and measure across the terminals on the sensor side of the plug. Sorry, can’t remember the reading. It’ll be on the Google somewhere probably and I know that it’s in an old copy of STHT.

If I was on my laptop I could be more help but I’m on my iPad. My laptop has a CD drive (and is running Windows 8 I think), if it didn’t I’d turn it on but as it does there’s no point now because I’ll be in bed by the time it’s ready to use…

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I have measured it and thee drivers side seemed to have a open circuit but the passenger side seemed fine i will send results now(probably had multimeter in the wrong mode i have used it like twice).

Passenger side

Drivers side

Set the dial to the 2K Ohms scale, 2 clicks clockwise. It does seem like the driver’s side one is open though…

Passenger side

Drivers side

Pretty conclusive then, it needs a driver’s side one too. Still not sure why the passenger side one is still triggering a code though. I’d change the driver’s side one and see what happens…

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Hey just got back from a great day at the rally, unfortunately I missed your speech as I was speaking to the other 10th anniversary members for the first time. But I have got back home and found my ABS sensor had arrived. Plugged it in and the ABS light is gone(but haven’t got it fully installed and got the car rolling)!

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