Active bonnet system warning light

I went out for a drive earlier today and my active bonnet warning light came on and began flashing for the whole of my journey, I have not been in any incidents of any sort and the actual system didn’t activate, only the light… all I can think of is that I shut the bonnet too hard when topping up my windscreen washer fluid. I plan on calling Mazda tomorrow but in the meantime does anyone know if this is prohibitive to me driving it since it is my only way of getting to school. Any help would be much appreciated, my only real concern is that driving it will cause the sensors to activate and blow the bonnet off the car as it would in the event of a crash.

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see Active bonnet warning when I start up my ND1


thanks… I already checked that post and seems as though that’s only when starting the car and then it goes off again, mine is persistent

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According to the manual as well as the flashing light you should also get a warning beep for 5 seconds every minute. You will be fine driving it until you get to the dealers.

Aren’t you too young to be driving if still at school :grimacing::grimacing::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’m 17, it’s my first car and I’m in my last year of school!


Great first car and hope you resolve the warning messages, will be interesting to know the outcome.


cheers, it was just a sensor issue causing the light to come on, think the bonnet overreacted to me shutting for some reason, thankfully nothing serious

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Hello every one
Just had the same issue today,
Flashing light, active bonnet
What is the cost of replacing.

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Check that the electrical connections behind the bumper are ok first it may be a very easy fix.

You could try the old ‘IT’ trick and turn it off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on.

Ignition off and with all doors and boot shut then disconnect the negative battery terminal to turn it off and reconnect to turn it back on.

Thank you for this , do you mean the Positive ?

It does not realy matter, but it is ‘best practice’ to remove the negative (earth) first when ‘playing’ with batteries. It helps to avoid any unintentional ‘welding’ moments!!!

This happened to me over the weekend. Turn ignition on, do not start. Press brake and accelorator same time and hold for 10 seconds. Start car, turn steering wheel completely left the right twice. Cleared for me.