Another MX-5 Model Thread

Last year I decided to sell off my extensive collection of 1:18 diecast model cars and concentrate on my collection of MX-5 models. The lockdown has given me the opportunity to sort, arrange and display the models in my “Man Cave”.

The collection varies from a number of 1:18 Kyosho, Gate and Auto Art models (Mks 1, 2, 3 & 4)

down to a 1:100 Mk 1 - which is exceptionally detailed for its size.

The most rare and expensive models were previously kept in their boxes to avoid dust and damage but I now have a display case to keep them safe

To complement the collection I have a few resin models, a Scalextric MX-5 and a few plastic construction kits (all as yet unmade)

I like to think this is one of the largest collections of MX-5 models but I’m sure there are some bigger collections out there


I trying to see if you have the official 25AE in your collection?

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Not enough Hotwheels.

This is probably the largest toy MX5 collection:

Nope, but I do have a Mk3 Launch Edition


No, I don’t collect Hotwheels as I’m trying to keep it a collection of authentic scale models rather than “toys” as far as possible.
Hotwheels are a bit of a collection on their own - just not for me

A bit pricy some of these models!! I have a collection of a few 1/18 - several CMC ones and the details are amazing. I like your pewter looking models, they are very detailed and I would not mind a 1/43 size Mk1 - I am looking on e-bay and came across the above…

The original Kyosho, a terrible “model”, was discast metal. The resin version appears to repeat some errors.

There is also IG Ignition, another resin model

These were being sold at a NEC show for about £140 each.

Motormax models are cheap, and the profile is actually very accurate when compared to the same scale Tamiya Eunos Roadster, to the extent that some parts might be interchangeable.

Fantastic collection there!

I too have the silver Mk1 Otto model in a display case and the red Eunos Tamiya kit unmade, new in box. The only one I didn’t see there is my ‘JDM Tuners’ black Mk1 Miata but thats a modified car, nice die cast model

I don’t think I saw the new Tamiya RF or any of the various AE30 die casts in your collection; which looks nice and congratulations on the discipline of sticking to one vehicle type!

I don’t go searching for models anymore, if I come across one (at a reasonable price!) I will buy it if I think it will enhance the collection.
However, I would like to find a 1:24 diecast Mk2 as I don’t currently have one and they seem to be very few and far between these days

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I really like the ‘pewter’ coloured MK3 Sport model in your sixth picture - it looks like it is quite a nice size model too.
Can you please tell me where you found that one?!
Many thanks

The resin Mk3 is 1:24 scale and was produced in a limited number and sold at the Sandringham National Rally in 2013 by a local OC Member who also ran a model making business.

Ah, not much chance of finding one of those then!
Many thanks for the information anyway.

Its not a MX5, and it is a Hotwheels, but its pretty decent.

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