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If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ or the other event sticky posts ask them here and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Was mentioned in an earlier post - as the Rally is on Saturday this year - What is happening/planned for the Sunday ?

See -


Cheshire & North Wales are planning scenic runs into some of the finest MX-5 roads in North Wales, they will be available to download and also preview on the Saturday at the rally.

Hi it states entrance is by membership card    is for per car or person ?    as the wife wants to come but she is not a member ??

Pack the wife in the boot with a flask and sandwiches and tell her to keep quiet or you’ll be shot at dawn for smuggling!!!


Seriously …You will get a rally pass that you hang inside your car, this allows you and your passenger entrance to the rally, NO CHARGE,

Once inside your pass will get you usually a rally plate and a gift of some description, and thats it.

Your wife/passenger is more than welcome, in your case havlng a wife by your side may be a good thing as she WILL stop you over spending.


p.s. You will get the rally pass possibly in the next STHT issue.


While that is the usual process for events this is not the final arrangement for the Oulton Park event.

We are final correspondence about vehicle entry arrangements, this is simply due to racing going on that day and new ticketing mechanism at the venue. We may need you to have your ticket prior to arrival, I will advise on this just as soon as the final process is agreed with the venue owners.

However what is already arranged is that passes are per car and you are welcome to bring a guest to the event.

Iain, any plans for special merchandise (clothing etc) to celebrate the club’s 21st anniversary?


Am I right in my understanding that if we do not attend the Spring Rally dinner we do not get a chance to see the New MX5 Mk 4 ?



The Mk4 will be at the Rally show ground all day :slight_smile:


Ever the optimist !!!

Given I am in the middle of arranging display plinth and transport type arrangements I am



You’re not using it for an autosolo, like the 25th AE then?  ;)

Hi, I have a couple of queries …

I have booked 4 Rally Dinners via. the Club’s web store but whilst I was able to book specific menu selections for all 4 individuals, I was not given the option to enter guests names. The Flyer that came with the last edition of the MX-5 OC magazine suggested that guests names were required. Do I need to email these to somebody?

One of my guests is my wife who will be accompanying me in my MX-5, the other two are my brother in his MX-5 and his wife. My brother is concerned that he will not get entry to the Rally event although the ‘flyer’ suggested that ALL Mx-5s would get free entry (it did not stipulate that this was only for members). Apparently he has subsequently submitted an application to join the club (yesterday evening I believe)… can you please clarify the situation re entry to the Rally event.

Thank you

Hi Dave B,

Sorry for the delay we are still working on the fine detail on entrance with Oulton park as they are in the process of updating their entrance systems and installing new equipment at the gates. It is only a few days away.
The issue of greatest concern to them is (as always) getting the cars off the main road and to a place where we can make a check on membership.

We try to make all our events open and accessible to MX-5 owners and we have in the past had events open to all as well as ones free to members and non members pay a small amount, it is all venue and agreement dependant. The next edition of STHT will have all the final details for the event.

Dinner tickets I will contact you via the store for further details of guests.

Tickets have gone quickly and there are just under 40 tickets left for the dinner.




this is will be my first rally, can you book your tickets in advance or do you just show up on they day with your mx5 and member ship pass. Just trying to avoid a long drive just to turn around and drive back.




Hi Michael

The next edition of Soft Top Hard top will set out what you need to do, but yes please bring your membership card and it would be useful to have your 2015 windscreen sticker on display too!



thats great thanks, I already have the stickers on display, hope to see everyone there.




I’ll need another one then, keep one use one Wink