Anyone else driving on steel wheels?

Managed to get hold of an unused set of original MK1 steelies – it’s funny that you actually stand out with steel wheels nowdays – every other car has alloys now…


I think that actually looks really smart, in a basic kinda way! :sunglasses:

Thanks – I was inspired too by seeing an old Lotus Elan with steel wheels.



Did they ever design them to install hub caps? I like a nice chrome hub cap.:grin:

I like older sports cars on steel wheels. My GT6 has not succumbed to the lookalike minilite affliction !


Yes - it has them on - probably difficult to see.

Very nice - those triumph steels are especially nice - very classy car!

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Not trying to be picky…love the steelies…detest outboard lead weights.

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Ha - I didn’t know there was another option - what can you do instead?

Lovely looking mk1 :+1: my OCD would have the bonnet up and the back of the popups tweaked up to line up with the bonnet in 5 minutes :smiley:

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Nice set of period wheels.
I’ve fitted steel wheels to mine but only for the summer. The original alloys (now powder coated) go back on for the winter.

I put my steels on over winter as they are fitted with winter tyres!


You can get ones that stick on to the inside rim (inside the wheel) - all alloys use them these days as you cannot use the sort you have on an alloy… You should find that if you take them for balancing and ask them to take off the existing weights that they will automatically fit the stick on ones (but ask first just in case)

Thanks – good tip – will get that sorted next time I am in.

You might need to touch up rim paint damage a bit…when the horrid weights are pliered off.
Another reason I detest them. No need for them these days.
Like what you did though a lot.
Period steels stand out…classy & contemporary, dare to be different.
Stuff like that gets the Car Park Nod from old-school Mk1-ers like me.

I use old (rare) 14" OEM Panasports myself. Wanted steels but could not find them.

If you can get your headlamp poppers aligned ( easy peasy) you can see form mine how it smooths off the nose.

Best aspect of your car, to my eyes, lies in it’s simplicity & originality. It’s what people want these days.


Very nice car – I think my car would have had that colour hood originally – mine is a Monaco, but the previous owner replaced it with a new black mohair one.

Good tip on the lights too – it’s actually going into a specialists this week for its yearly service, so might add the lights onto the list.

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You can do the lights yourself in 3 minutes.
Pop the bonnet, grab the leading edge nearest the engine of each, be hail & hearty and pull them up tillthey seem a bit proud. Close bonnet, and re-press the leading edge back down with palms of hand till they are flush. Rinse and repeat until perfection is achieved.
We shall inspect your efforts in due course. :smile:
It’s really that simple. We all do it.


I couldn’t give away a set like this which came as spares with my car purchase. A lot of interest in the caps though as not made anymore!!.
I did sell eventually as too heavy…

@AJR That’s interesting. The OEM alloys on mine are heavier than the steelies :smile:

This is very true and exactly what I was doing with mine this morning! Took me about 5 mins to get it right as both of my pop up lights had dropped a bit