Anyone tried LANOGUARD underbody treatment

Anyone used this on their subframes after wire brushing off any surface rust?

RECARO SPORT TECH ( 34k ) …the story so far!

Geoff’s just done some on his car.


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Thanks, good results by the look of the photos :+1:

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i wouldn’t just spray it on without a good fettle first :upside_down_face:
i rubbed down , rust treated and then sprayed :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Yep done 2x mx5s so far and v impressed, not at all nasty like other products and seems to provide good coverage. Makes you car smell like a goat for a few days, but that’s more novel than anything! Had a spray applicator die and they sent me a new one no problem at all too. :+1:t2:

Typically, how much does this cost?

I was reading some reviews and a few mentioned getting the “professional “ spray as an extra (approx £9) as they reckon the one that comes in the kit is not quite up to the job. Anyone agree or disagree?

I agree and I don’t mind getting in all the nooks and crannies.

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500 ml cost £22 iirc :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


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these are pics from the morning i applied the LANOGUARD

these pics are the day after , when its dried :+1:

any good ??? i think so… lets see how it last over the next few months :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

hope this helps :sunglasses:

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£60 for the big bottle and all the bits. Keep it warm and should be totally fine. The grease in a tub is handy for slathering on out of the way places too, maybe ott but good for peace of mind.

i agree the £60 option is better value , but the 500ml bottle is plenty for the mx5, IMO :man_shrugging: :+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I am half way through mine, what I thought would be a quick touch up and spray in my dry stored low mileage car, but when I got into it whilst completely solid, there was surface rust in many places.
Seams on the box sections, behind the wheel arch liners, behind the rear bumper, (definitely remove the rear bumper) and over the subframe and cross braces.
I cleaned everything back, treated with Buzzweld rust encapsulated followed by two Coates of chassis in one, finally sprayed inside all box sections with lanoguard, inside the wheel arches,and a final coat over everything.
I am up to 1.5 litres and have not yet done the front subframe or wings.
Maybe being a little obsessive. What I do not get is the Mk3 is clearly designed to be rust proofed with access holes everywhere, but they didn’t do it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

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Great work :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

Mine is fully under sealed and cavity injected so was just touching up :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Pictures just after you’ve done it are no good, post some up after it’s done one or two of our Winters.

Opinions vary :thinking::thinking::flushed:

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It does not go out in winter :joy::joy::joy:


Not sure that Lanoguard is a ‘treat and forget’ system. From Lanoguard’s website: “ Lanoguard typically lasts up to a year, so be sure to apply yearly to your vehicles/machinery to keep them in optimal condition. You can apply more often if you wish for an even stronger protection!”

My ND is untreated at the moment although it is garaged when not in use. I have read this thread and most of the others and am still undecided - for a 4-year old car - whether I will go to the time and expense of treatment. To me a car is a thing to be driven and enjoyed so I do intend to use it throughout the winter and I do use it when it’s raining. Perhaps I’ll just save the money I would have spent on all these treatments to replace the car if it ever gets too badly rusted.

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I agree with you it is not fit and forget, other products are heavier and will last longer, particularly in harsh winter conditions. I wanted to preserve the original finish as much as possible and not cover up anything that was lurking. I also like the fact it can be sprayed on everything, as it forms a thin clear waxy coat. It is super easy to apply and goes a long way. It will become just part of my annual maintenance now.