Are these sequential indicators legal for road use in uk? 🤔

does anyone have these on their mk1?

DRL Sequential Indicators For Mazda Miata MX5 NA | 2JackCustoms – 2MTechnics

they have a message on the site saying designed for off-road use, so ensure legal in our country.

interested if anyone has them and has put the car thru mot or verified by some other means that they are legal in uk.


I think you’ll find that designed for offroad use is code for not strictly legal

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It’s the standard get out clause for companies selling stuff for cars and bikes they know or fear doesn’t comply with construction and use regs

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They won’t have spent the money to get the “e” marked, so not road legal

These look handmade in someone’s shed in Lithuania. Hence 3 weeks delivery.

The indicators sold by MX5parts might not have an E-mark, but they’ll be DOT marked, so meeting a standard set by the American government, and made in some factory.

For MOTs, indicators only need to be E-marked if they are behind a lens., but they will fail C&U reggies. So you could be pulled, and issued a fixed penalty (producers don’t exist anymore). Something like this stands out like a sore thumb, and more likely to draw attention from a police patrol, who then might want to give the rest of the car a closer inspection. In my opinion, I wouldn’t get them.


thanks for the info. but i’m a bit disappointed. :disappointed:
just wanna makes sure, cos i really like those sequential ones. you’re absolutely sure they would fail C&U regs? when i watch the indicator itself being used in the videos, it seems similar to indicators i see on the road.
as for the E mark thing, i don’t understand. are you saying the sequential ones wouldn’t need it? is the clear plastic in front of them not a lens?

I have them on my ND, from JDM in the U.S. These are also sold by other Sellers in the U.S. and Europe.

They look good and I’ve had them on my ND for 2 years and never had an issue. I combined mine with the boot rear light mod / LED strip that Roadie sells on here. Looks fantastic. I also added rear Fender lights to complete the picture. Pics can be found in the Mods section - search ND in the title.

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Don’t forget YOU’LL have to pay the carrier for the UK Customs Clearance charge, also 20% VAT and any Import Duty that applies. Check HMRC website.

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You can get them in the UK, MX5Parts £60, ebay £50; a Google search will find a few sellers,

Got off subject, apologies to Original Poster on NA question 😵‍💫

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Reading the MOT regulations

The side repeater can be part of the front direction indicator if it has one of the following:

a wraparound lens marked either with an ‘E’ mark in a circle or an ‘e’ mark in a rectangle with a number 5 above it
an amber light coming through the front lens when viewed from 1m to the side of the rear bumper

I didn’t see a lens, so I guess you need an E-mark. But MOTers often don’t go around checking the e-marks. But you would still be breaking regulations, in a way a bit more obvious than US-spec sidelights being fitted.

I was told that the rear number plate that was on my old red Roadster and which I transferred to my blue Roadster, would be absolutely fine, not a word from the MOT tester, both in Northern Ireland (who are all civil servants) and in GB. And that was the case until the day I was pulled over in busy traffic in the middle of Watford, and served with a fine.

Sure, you might fit these. And they might pass an MOT, until the day they don’t. And they might not attract the attention of the Law until they do. Its clear these are unlawful, but you might get away with it.

These things seem mega expensive for what they are. In my opinion (only) they fail the taste test on a classic car.


We’re not referring to those, but these christmas lights:

I’m selling sequential indicators fro the ND on here and elsewhere. I’m importing them directly from the manufacturer in China. They are identical including part markings on item and packing box to the ones sold by iJDMtoy in the States and ILMotorsport in Germany and MX5Parts in the UK.

At one point Mazda were also selling them as an approved accessory. The Mazda version came with two e-mark stickers to attach to the light cluster. Mazda obviously got approval for the ones they were selling. In all other respects the Mazda version was identical to all the others I’ve mentioned.

There is also the version supplied by MX5Things which is their own design and differs construction.

Technically only the Mazda version is authorised for road use.

I’m not aware of anyone having MOT problems, I haven’t myself. So far as I’m aware MOT testers are not allowed to remove bulbs to check for e-marking.


The car is question is not a ND, but for a NA.

thanks again for such detailed answers: :slightly_smiling_face:
so the smoked front indicator / side lights may not have the EU mark, but have the Department of Transportation mark. that clarifies that.

your comment about taste gave me a chuckle. :blush:
the heart wants what it wants! :wink:


DOT is American, so doesn’t apply in UK

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But on the otherhand, US and Japan market cars are not requeired to change lighting (except for beam adjustment, or the addition of amber indicators etc), glass, tyres and seatbelt fittings when first MOT’d on import; in the UK. JIS and DOT markings are taken as de facto matching or exceeding the appriate BS.

Alternative standards are laid out in the IVA manual. These cannot contradict other forms of vehicle inspection:


I’ve got a set of the sequential rear indicator LEDs in my ND supplied by Roadie. They’re excellent. My view on this is simple.

  1. Provided they are not going to dazzle, or distract the driver behind you and are in keeping with the way other manufacturers style/configure/present their rear indicators nobody is likely to mind.
  2. Provided they won’t cause a danger to you or the occupants of the vehicle they’re ok.
  3. Worst case scenario, for some extreme, and almost unbelievably obscure reason you’re pulled over and your indicators are dismantled and checked - you can put the OEM bulbs back.
    (Paraphrase that to - Try not to see ‘shadows’ where there probably aren’t any. We can all be guilty of that at times.)
  4. You should do what you feel comfortable with and ignore everything we’ve said on this thread. If you’re concerned enough to ask questions here, I’m not sure you’ll feel comfortable when you’re out on the road and have a Police car ‘innocently’ behind you. After all, none of us would want a small thing like this to spoil the enjoyment you get from driving your 5.

What a well thought out and balanced response. Thanks @GeneralCunning


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I’ve noticed a few newish Audis with sequential indicators, too new to be likely to have been modified, so I had assumed it was an oem feature.
Have the rules changed I wonder?

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They are appearing as factory fit, but this discussion seems akin to people in the early days fitting HID headlamps to 20 year old MX5s because they had seem them fitted to a modern car. The thread is about a non-approved product developed for a NA (Mk1) model, which is distinct from the ND, which now seems to be the discussion. The ND is unrelated to the NA model.