Bangers & Cash Restoring Classics

Tonight on Yesterday Ch.27 at 8pm it appears they are going to feature an MX5.


Cheers Malc. Set to record :+1:t3:

This is what my recorder has to say about it. Looks a good colour!


Thanks for this guys. :+1:
I’ll let some of my mates know! Oh and record it myself. :rofl: :upside_down_face:

That looks the same as what we started with …lol

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Ditto…set to record

Behind the scenes…

Will have to get in on catch up at some point…see how they cobbled theirs together lol :laughing:

I hope that’s a primer of some sort……:face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks for notifying this:

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Link below to give this topic a bit more context…

Yes, I remember that thread. I seem to remember there was a problem with the original sale (at £8k plus commission) and it went back on sale at subsequent auctions. I can’t remember how much it eventually sold for but it was a good bit less. So rather than just losing their shirt, the Bangers and Cash team lost their vest, trousers, underpants and socks as well. :laughing:


Having been a party to several proper, time consuming and expensive restorations - it takes a lot of research, man/person hours, love, dedication, nit picking and sheer bl**dymindedness, but the end result will be good :blush: :trophy: :checkered_flag: - you never get the outlay back, but that’s not why you do it!

Quick fixes… :-1:


I watched this on You Tube. Why didn’t they just put a new wing on instead of welding a piece to the wing? They didn’t seem to have done much to it mechanically either (I know because I asked the firm who did the restoration). I suppose a full re-spray is not cheap and that’s probably what attracted the higher price. I was tempted to bid on this car in its pre-restoration state. I’m glad I didn’t.

Just watched this

Interestingly it was about an MX-5 NB Model 2.5 [which I’ve owned since 2007]

I learnt nothing from ‘Bangers & Cash’ about restoring/renovating such a vehicle that I didn’t already know

As Elaine above already perfectly posted :+1: :+1: :+1:

Is it me …but given the vehicle apparently sold for far less than their out lay and they don’t do this for nothing

How much is someone paying them for their ‘performance’ on ‘Bangers & Cash’ ???


This is a TV program sold to commercial TV channels with lots of repeats. A small loss like that is easily soaked up in standard production costs; and look at how many people work on the program!

It is also good publicity for the auction house.


Thanks RichardFX

Aha…so that’s how it works…explained perfectly :hugs:

But when I think of how many members/visitors renovate and restore their MX-5 for the love of them

The commercialization of this somehow makes me feel sick

Perhaps a better way to think of it is as encouraging people like us to care for our little cars.

Sometimes we can do better, other times we can only admire the miracle that has happened.

After all, when you see some of the enthusiasts being paid by the production company for doing the restore , those doing the work are not out of pocket, and usually they enjoyed the challenge.

It’s a gentle game show really, a bit like Bargain Hunt, you win some - you lose some; the punters (public) are not out of pocket, only the production company. And they will have budgeted for it. They have to set the tone as well, to make sure the audience has a warm cosy feeling watching it in order to tune in again.

It’s our choice when, if and how we watch them. For example, while eating my breakfast I sometimes watch a Wheeler Dealers that was on auto record, but always with the fast forward button to hand, and I delete all the boring episodes (ie most of them). But sometimes there is a gem.

Why am I sympathetic? I’ve seen it from the other side. Amongst other things I stuck 16mm film cameras on cars, boats, planes and people back in the 1970s (before handy tiny video) and that was extremely difficult work trying to make sure it was SAFE, and would give us a decent picture at the right time. A couple of minutes on the reel cost a small fortune in time and effort setting it up. It’s much, much cheaper now, but still just as difficult to get a SAFE and well-composed shot relevant to the story.


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Bless you Richard FX [again]

Concur…Especially appreciate your comment ‘seeing things from the other side’ :smiley:

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If you think the MX5 was bad what about the Land Rover series 1? Total cost was over £85,000 and they sold it for £40,000. When I did a chassis up rebuild on my series 1 the total cost was £7,500 so someone definitely saw them coming!