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  1. My model of MX-5 is: __
  2. I’m based near: __Newcastle-under-Lyme
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __


2005: Original Battery
2011: Replacement [unspecified]
2018: Replacement [unspecified]
2024: Dead

So it seems the Batteries I’ve had so far have a shelf life of approx 6-7yrs REGARDLESS of whether I drive Bullit a lot or a little

Will get her a new Battery but would most appreciate recommendations from experienced Owners of my particular Model as to which one and why …I know nothing of how batteries work but perhaps one that retains charge for longer if possible ??

Thank you most kindly

Owned Bullit since 2007 and now finally retired as WASPI woman aged 66 yrs with a bit of disposable income wish to get the best battery I can afford for her
Looking forward to experienced advice from fellow members/visitors asap please
Being part disabled missing her already as she’s classed as my Disability Vehicle by the DVLA

Thank you again

Hi Bullit2005 - I posted the same question a couple of years ago. Got a lot of good advice:

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Hi Terry and The Precious

I trust your recommendation. When you get a moment could you advise of the specifics of the Panasonic because I don’t have a second vehicle. Logistically I will order the Battery then pay e.g. RAC home mechanic to fit and take away old battery…

Meanwhile was lucky to get next day Tesco home delivery day after Battery Dead and the chap said he’s used an on-line company based in Wales who do Japanese Batteries called

TAYNA Batteries

Anyone have any experience of using this company ?

Checking matters out with Experienced Club Posters before making a decision and trying not to panic [Mr. Mainwaring] and feel more disabled [Keep Calm and Carry On] :crazy_face:

Thanks again Terry [will check out my battery tray when I exchange battery]

Wot we do for our love of our MX-5…Certifiable some might think :rofl:

Hi - Sorry, I don’t have a part no. for the battery, (I just asked my Mazda main dealer for the OEM battery for an NB).

It’s this one:

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Yes, they are local to me and I’ve used them for years. I would have no qualms recommending them.

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I usually use Tayna but the size they list for the Mk2 I don’t think will fit properly, the clamp would need adapting. The original Panasonic battery is listed by MX5parts at £130 as above.

People buy standard batteries and adapt for them because they are cheaper and usually higher capacity, but the ‘right’ battery is the Panasonic.


This is interesting because at one stage Mazda UK recommended a 063 size battery as a replacement because they did not want to import the special Panasonic OEM battery: Big Battery Fitting Kit, MX5 Mk1 – MX5 Parts
The fitting kit is not entirely necessary as you can modify the existing J-clamp bar if you are handy with an angle grinder. 065 batteries are cheaper than the OEM style ones and have more cranking capacity.
A final point : what sort of driving do you do ? Short journeys lead to shortened battery life as the battery never fully recharges. You might want to consider a trickle charger if you can leave it connected.

Hi Guys

Thank you for your responses …[especially TerryM1 :handshake:]

So the Panasonic via MX5Parts

Loads of Not Fun trying to re-establish connection with the official site as it’s been a few years since my last order with them [won’t bore you with the details] BUT got there in the end

Parts No is: SI [Sierra India] 7456

£9.95 [shipping]
£23.32 [VAT]
Total: £139.90

I’ll take that !!

Chap I initially spoke to on the phone to get the correct web address said they are no longer doing a discount for MX-5 Owner Club Members in order to keep their costs down f.y.i.

[So now it’s just about finding a mobile mechanic …RAC keep sending me promotions as got my Insurance with them last year…fingers crossed it won’t be too costly]

Thanks again guys for your guidance [however did I manage with Bullit before joining the Club :roll_eyes:]

Happy Bunny again :smiley:

I don’t think that it was Mazda UK, it was a Mazda Japan thing.

This is from the 1989 workshop manual…

The Panasonic AGM battery became available over the counter at around the time of the launch of the NB. There was never a big battery fitting kit available for the NB where it’s located below the boot floor, there is no J-Clamp bar.

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Got a Pansonic for Madge it’s only been fitted a couple of months, but I sleep easy with knowing it is there.

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Interesting it that information is in the workshop manual.
I replaced the battery in my 2003 Mk2.5 Sport in autumn 2011 , so about 8 years after I bought the car new. I urgently needed to the Mx_5 back on the road ater the battery failed to trickle charge as my wife needed our other so I bought a new Bosch battery from Halfords. Because I used the Halfords battery selector tool, I ended up with a 063 size battery, so presumably Mazda did not update the aftermarket battery suppliers after deciding to offer the small Panasonic unit again, and the suppliers used the info they had gathered for the substitute Mk1.
As the battery was wider than the Panasonic one (210LX175HX175W vs 230LX160HX125W for the Panasonic) it didn’t fit in the plastic battery tray in the boot recess, and the retaining bar didn’t fit properly. I replaced the battery tray with a piece of rubber car mat and cut off the L-shaped clamp on the retaining bar (a quick hacksaw cut through the welds, and relocated the clamp with a small U-bolt and 2 holes through the clamp). I connected the vent on the new battery with the original rubber pipe and some small pipe connectors to fit the vents in the battery. This arrangement worked for that battery to 2021, so 10 years, and I hope the latest battery will also last 10 years with trickle charging.
I have never seen an 063 battery installation kit for a Mk2, so perhaps Mazda sorted out the Panasonic battery availability and did not notify battery suppliers.
Presumably Mazda want you to buy a battery from them ad infinitum, but at MX-5 Parts the Pansonic ones are twice the price of locally available 063 batteries, and I notice that some aftermarket companies are now specifying the 053 size, which is typically 238LX129WX2323H. The Mx5 Mk2.5 has several different locating holes for the hook end of the retainer bar, so allowing for different heights of battey. As the width is similar to the OE fit battery it will probably fit a Mk2.5 without modifying the battery retainer, although the height of 233mm vs the OE 160mm might be a problem - it will depend on the arrangement of the top surface of the battery

Just to advise that MX5parts chap said they have ‘loads’ of the Panasonic in stock at the moment
plus woke up this am to find it’s Next Day Delivery within 24 hours :smiley:

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Asking a stupid question here…[from someone old enough to remember when you had top up a battery with distilled water !]

and always had a garage replace Bullits’ previous batteries when they became poorly and never ordered one on-line…

I assume they come fully charged as I have no electricity supply in the garage I rent for her


Yes it should. Not good for them to be left discharged.

Something to bear in mind actually, if your car is left for long periods. Being discharged below 50% for an extended time reduces capacity even if the battery can be recharged.

You seem to have managed ok up to now, otherwise I would have suggested a battery isolator switch.

This is not a good assumption! The stock might well have sat on assorted warehouse shelves for half a year as well as maybe travelling from the far East for a few more months.

It will certainly start the car, but then a new battery only 10% full will also start the car a few times.

Best practice is always to fully charge the battery with a proper Smart charger before installing it in the car. Failing that a nice long sunny drive (no headlights, no HRW, etc) for at least an hour.

If the Smart charger takes all night before saying the battery is full, this is a GOOD sign, showing that the battery has a lot of capacity and can hold a lot of charge.

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If you are worried and live anywhere within 50 ish miles of Watford feel free to drop me a PM and I’ll gladly lend you my smart charger for a couple of days to make sure your new battery is in tip top shape when you fit her.