Best Classic Car Club Stand 2010

Congratulations to Peter Jakeways (and Lucy) for his (and her) hard work and everybody else for their good parking, guided by Peter.

The MX5 Owners Club stand won best Classic Car Club stand at the Silverstone Classic 2010.

I heard there where 80 clubs but with the hard work from Peter and all those who took their turn on the stand we managed to come first.

A round of applause goes to you all.

 Well done everyone who was connected to achieving this award.

 Here here!! A BIG thanks to  ALL that helped organise such a great O.C. stand.{#emotions_dlg.thumb} And really pleased it did’nt rain in the end! (at the request of orgainsers left the roof off all day and kept a close eye on the skies above!) We had a really fantastic day and did’nt leave Silverstone till gone 7pm!

Thanks again folks! {#emotions_dlg.anclapping}


 Congratulations PJ and Lucy and to all the Northants crew you deserve it great weekend, Worth the drive up from Cornwall. Hope to see you all next year.

Bill Big Smile



Clapping hands in the airI AgreeGood Job

It certainly was the best stand there.


 wow that great.

Congratulations to Pete and Lucy, Ken,( still cannot believe he sold Black Bess),  the Northampton crew, and our amazing MX5 owners club members for winning the BEST CAR CLUB STAND 2010!!! Thumbs up

We think it was fantastic that so many owners turned up to make this amazing achievment possible. It’s hard to believe that only four years ago there was only a few of us there!!!

While we manned the club stand many other car club members commented to us how great all the MX’s looked and the how many of us were there…

Cannot wait for 2011.Big Smile

Best wishes and a huge thank you to everyone.

Jeff, Debzi and Les

South Wales

Hi all

That puts all your hard work to the goal, many thanks to the organisers.

Just wondering as we as a whole won, would anybody be making a small sticker of sorts to celebrate the event, i wouldn’t mind paying a few quid per sticker!


Cheers ian

 That’s a nice idea. I wouldn’t mind paying for one either Thumbs up

 me neither,a terrific acheivement.ill have four please!


  steve eunos

Us too 

Perhaps something along the same lines as the Rally plaques would be good.



As to the sticker/plaque then while at silverstone a few of us got a silverstone classic sticker from one of the cobra guys.

This was basically the outline of the track with the words silverstone classic 2010 on the inside these where single colour, but he had different colours, red, black. white etc to suit different cars.

If anyone has the knowledge and the equipment then please help keep it simple.

Cheers ian


 hi all

just awaiting for the proof to come back then i will let you know how it looks prices are £2 single colour or £2.50 for 2 colours.

cheers ian

Are these going to be exclusive to those who attended and displayed on the winning Club stand - and will there be any reference to Club Stand winners Silverstone Classic 2010?

As club merchandise officer I will look into this as an item that can be purchased from the shop.

I think it could be a bit hard to limit to people who attended as we will need proof etc.

 Sorry but it seems a bit pointless then really Rolling eyes

 Well as soon as i get the proof i will put the contact details up for you to get your own if you want too.

This will save me a lot of time and hassel.

cheers ian

 hi all this is what we have come up with.

I would suggest that these are ordered per area and that you contact the vinyl guy yourselves quoting me as a reference.

Please clearly state colour and weather ring or track design.

Contact details are

cheers ian

Looking at these i’m thinking of going for the design within the track!!