Best headlamp polishing kit?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC
  2. I’m based near: Batley
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Headlamp polishing kits

Wheeler Dealers etc always use polishing mops etc on dull/yellowed plastic headlamp covers, anyone used one they’d recommend?

See my post here, I really recommend the Autoglym kit: Headlight restoration

Excellent, thanks Chris - the photos have convinced me! I used their cleaning & proofing kit on my mohair hood and that was excellent :+1:

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The AutoGlym kit I’m sure is very good, but it’s worth pointing out that many have used AutoGlym Super Resin Polish to polish out headlamps that are frosted.

It probably depends how far gone they are, but I recently bought a 2009 NC 3.5 and the headlamps were frosted/milky, although not really bad.

I polished them with AutoGlym SRP and in less than 5 minutes both looked like new. Another benefit I would think is that the Polish would provide a protective barrier for some time against UV and road grime ‘damage’.

Might be worth a try first before buying the kit, especially if you have a bottle of AutoGlym SRP already.

If not, it’s worth having anyway as SRP is great for polishing out swirl marks a minor paintwork marks…

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I used Maguires headlamp polishing kit from Halfords comes with a small mop for your drill and some polish I found this really effective on my Z sport when I had it , also the mop and polish is ideal for removing very minor scratches ( rule of thumb if you can feel the scratch with you nail then it won’t polish out ).
I hope this helps

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I followed this guy on restoring my headlights
worked beutifully the UV resistant clear coat is essential, unless you want to redo it every couple of months!