Best MX-5 Driving Road

What has been your best driving road in your MX5? I decided to take the car out last night with no real idea of where to go. I am in Central Scotland so decided to head slightly north and went through Callander, along the shore of Loch Venechar, through Big o Turk and on to the Dukes Pass. I have driven that road in quite a few cars and it always impresses but in the MX5 with the roof down it was another level - very tight and windy, short straights and you can see quite a few corners ahead. Most of the other road users were sports cars or bikes doing the exact same thing - not going fast but just enjoying the road. The views were stunning too!!


Until the NC 500 initiative , the A835/A894 /A 838 from Ullapool to Durness. And it can still be wonderful , but the risk of convoys of idiots has increased since the NC 500 became A Thing , for the people who I assume can’t read a map and need a name for their route .

I drove this for the first time in 1984 and along with the Route Napoleon , it has given me the best drives of my life .


Great road ! … I’ve done several motorsports driving days, where you get to drive around 10 vehicles as fast as you like… without a doubt the Caterham always was the most fun, with the Elise a close second. Has the advantage of making an MX5 seem spacious too ! Cheers… Rich

We are off to Aberfeldy in July for 5 nights. Tours arranged around the area etc etc. Dukes Pass is also planned for the return trip.:slightly_smiling_face: Gerlos Alpenstrasse is fantastic too both in the MX5 and also on a bike. There are so many fantastic roads across Europe certainly down as far as Croatia. Spain and Portugal also very good :+1:

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One of my favourites for top down driving is the Llanberis pass in north Wales, haven’t done it in the MX-5 yet but hoping to soon.
Can’t take credit for the photo, last time I went I didn’t have a decent camera with me



Love the Dukes pass and surrounding area.
Not been in the MX-5 yet, but been loads of times when I had my Ducati 996…can’t wait to take the mx…
My first proper outing will likely be through Glen Coe…I’ve done it hundreds of times on motorbikes etc, but it’s been on my bucket list to drive through Glen Coe in an MX5 with the top down…can’t wait…


Agree with the comment about Ullapool Road to the North.Been going there every year for over 20 years. Very busy now.

If you are going through Dukes Pass call in on a friend of mine who has a pub at one end of it. He has the Byre Inn at Brig O’ Turk. They have a decent car park and do food.


Many thanks for that.
Will bear that in mind for any future trips. :+1:
Going with another MX5 and some Bikers!!
Just looked and the organiser has arranged lunch at the Mhor84 on the A84.
No idea what that is like, but sure it will be good. Can’t wait.

Thanks for the recommendation, will give it a try!

Try taking the trip from Monmouth to Chepstow through the Wye Valley, skirting Royal Forest of Dean, and stoping at Tintern Abbey to enjoy sitting bye the river with a coffee and cream cake.

It may not be the best driving road but the scenery is just fantastic.


+1 from me, the in-laws live in Llandogo. :+1:


Trough of Bowland in Lancashire, from Clitheroe to Preston, fantastic drive:-)

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From the Green Welly through Glencoe towards Port Appin - magical in the wee car !


I was just a back seat passenger in a big 4x4 when I last did this trip along 13 miles of winding tarmac in the Almeria region of Spain, rising to approximately 7000 ft above see level, arriving at Tetica de Bacares.

We should have been touring Spain last year, having taken early retirement. We are eagerly awaiting our chance to tour, for a couple of months, from Bilbao, in the north, to southern Spain and back in “Money Penny” our NC.

PS I hope the picture files (jpeg) show.

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Very impressive! I think I’d be sick if I were a back seat passenger on that road!

LOL I nearly was. I am hoping that when I am in the driving seat it will be all good….

Great colour copper red your mx5 looks the nuts

I did the NC 500 with many detours last year, not in my NB though, In a couple of old discovery 1s, wild camping. Such a good trip, I’ll never forget it. Planning another trip this September in my NB with a couple of 1960s series land rovers!