Best of Devon and Cornwall - circular 6 x 100

Six stage circular tour taking in the best sites and driving roads in Devon and Cornwall. Total distance approx. 510 miles. I designed this early 2018 and drove it late June 2018 during the heatwave. Hard work but it was so worth it. Attached document contains map, route description, pictures from our trip and some background info. Enjoy !

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OK attached now.

Thanks for that, downloaded and saved.

Great guide Tony , I am lucky to live down in the far West of Cornwall and the routes you list in this area are well worth a drive !   Here’s LE 131 near Porthtowan.

Version 2 attached which scales the maps better. No other changes.

Awesome. I’m in Truro. I’ll have a study of the routes :) 

Hi - just read with interest your road trip around Devon and Cornwall. I have tried both the link in the magazine and the search on the forum but can’t seem to find your attachment,
perhaps the link has been lost in the new style forum? Would you be able to repost the route notification with a new link?
Many thanks

Hi Robin, I’m having a look now.

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Robin the forum only seems to allow me to attach pictures, not documents. Have raised a ticket with support to figure out how to get a document uploaded.

Many thanks for checking this out.

Had a response from support and they only allow images to be uploaded here. I could take a picture of each page and post the document as a series of pictures, but the easier way would be for you to get the document from somewhere else. I have put it here: . If you copy all of that into your browser address bar then it should ask you if you would like open or download. If you choose download then you will have a copy on your computer.


…or just click on that link above :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony - downloaded this just now & it’s really good! I’ve been on the King Harry Ferry & also to St Mawes castle. Done Stages 3 & 4 on a number of occasions now - can highly recommend both of those, great drives especially with the roof down!


Many thanks - the whole process worked a treat and your magnum opus is now safely stored on my laptop!

I have had a quick read through and will explore it in more detail over the coming weeks.

My wife and I did the North Coast 500 two years ago and your route could well become the “South West 500” in my book!

Once again thank you for all the effort put into writing up your journey and for taking the trouble to find a way to once again bring it to the attention on MX5 drivers.



PS - a great number plate too!!

Nice pictures Andy. Enjoy the ride :blush:

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Thanks Robin, glad you like it. Enjoy the ride :blush:

Thanks for posting Tony, off to Cornwall in the summer with friends, so will try and drive some of the route while we’re there.


That’s great to hear Phil. The whole area is nice so I’m sure you will enjoy it. Enjoy the ride :blush:

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