Billy and The Kids

MX5 NC1 Niseko, Icy Blue (2008)
Bournemouth area.

Hi to all,

Recently bought the above car with just over 27k miles on the clock. 2 previous owners.

Limited service history, Mazda until 2012 then Mazda had no records but the latest owner had records for a service in March 2022 and 2021 that he had carried out.

I bought on condition and milage. The fact the car was 3 miles from my door was a bonus as I had been looking at cars 2 hour drives away.

Why an MX5?

I am hopeless at DIY and any form of engineering/mechanical work.
I do however love cars. Always have since very young and it was alway in the back of my mind to do something one day.

It must be in the genes as my 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son have a passion for cars as well. Son is a demon at taking things apart and putting them back together better
Shows far more acumen than me even at 10!

About 6 months ago I decided to bite the bullet and spend some hard earned cash to help nurture their interest and scratch my own itch.
Originally we started looking at Caterhams and Westfields. New parts with clear step by step instructions, what could go wrong?

The price!!

We moved on to looking at various cheaper alternative kits requiring a donor car. Most in this country are based on an MX5. The hunt was on for a good donor until the epiphany.

Why buy a decent donor that you have faith in and then rip it apart. Buy the quality example and enhance that.

So that’s exactly what we have done. Car bought, we now have a list of things that we want to do to it to maintain and improve on the base car.
The car will be for weekend fun and hopefully a track day or 3. Unfortunately with the kids ages they will miss out on that second thing for a few years.

We will be doing all the work together, using this site as an amazing resource as well as YouTube. We really are starting from scratch and hope to develop ourselves as well as the car as we go.

I will start a dedicated build thread but for now here are some of our plans.

Day 1.

-Fixed poor fitting PRHT. The roof was banging into the windscreen when going over bumps. Taking the release mechanism apart and tightening sorted it a treat.

Week 1.

  • Tools purchased so far. Socket and spanner set. Low profile jack (2 tons) and 4 axel stands (3 tons). Torque wrench x2 and a few odds and s0ds.

-Changed gearbox oil (Castrol syntrans multivehcle GL4)

-Changed rear diff oil (Red Line diff oil GL5)

Both 75w-90

‘full service’ recept from March so engine oil and filter will wait a tad longer.

Week 2

  • Stubby aerial fitted

  • Jass Performance lowering bracket fitted to drivers height adjustable seat to drop it by 1 1/2" at the base. Makes a big difference to me (6ft2).

This weekend was supposed to see a brake overhaul but still waiting for the pads. I think the car is still on original parts.

Brembo plain discs front and back bought.

Castrol Dot 4 brake fluid bought, SRF looked amazing but can’t justify that price tag for my use.

Roddisons break pads arriving next week. Pricey but come highly recommended.

Really tempted to upgrade the hoses whilst I’m down there. IL Motorsport ones tickle my fancy. Anothe £100 odd though. Really interested in opinions on this. Should I just do it now with the discs and pads?

Yellow Dot RX8 ARBs bought off FB. I will clean up and Hammerite. Will fit at the same time as -

  • MeisterR coilovers. Most probably Zeta rather than Club Race. On the shopping list at some point. Will fit ARBs then so only one geo is required.

Wheels. So tempted by Enkie RPF1s. Will need to save up a bit first.

Decent rubber. Old owner put new ASDA budget tyres on. Will wear them out and get decent rubber with new wheels.

Underseal. Anywhere decent seems quite a journey from me. Still researching options.

Excuse the long post. Rather excited as you may tell.

Thanks for reading,

Billy and The Kids


I’d stay out the way and leave it to your son.
You do the tea & bacon sarnies and just do as you are told.

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You’re not too far from the truth with that :rofl:

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Well done, that looks a nice motor :white_check_mark:
You have quite a list there for an incompetent diy-er :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
Good luck , hopefully your kids will guide you 🫣🫣:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
YouTube is a good backup :wink:

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Welcome to the forums!
looks like we might have a challenger for the mod manic title!!! :grinning:

Well, the way I see it is, even with all our planned changes there’s far less spannering than if we were building a kit car.

At least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself :rofl:

Trying to keep things realistic, I set a budget of £10k for the car and all the works.
The car came in at £6k so happy days.

It’s amazing what you can do for the money when you don’t need to pay for high labour costs.


Those Niseko wheels are almost unique to the model and very expensive. £350 when I bought a spare for my Niseko several years ago, and they will only have gone up since then.
Selling them to other Niseko owners might pay for the Enkies.


Oh thanks for the tip.

Was in two minds about keeping a spare set of wheels but if I can offset a reasonable amount of cost on the RPF1s then that’s the route I will go.

I think you may find there are rules against 10 & 12 years under age Child Slavery though!

I’m not planning on making that public.

Oh wait …

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Is there a short cut to join this site as a full member?

When I go to the ‘join’ page it seems to want me to register as a new member with username and passwords etc.

Can I just click something, pay my membership and carry on as I am?

It should work if you just use your username and password in those fields.

Unfortunately I just get ‘this username already exists’ message.

Ahh, had thought that was how I did it. :thinking:
Is there a link to join if you click on your avatar to see your profile ?

Finally figured it out.

I was logged into the forum but that didn’t carry over to the mx5 owners club page.
I needed to log in there as well and then an ‘upgrade your membership’ toggle appeared.

Thank god I have a 10 and 12 year old yo help me with the car! I should have go them to sign me up.

Car looks great! Good read
I highly approve of the enkei decision, the rpf1s look amazing on mx5’s with the added bonus of being nice and light (but I’m biased)

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Before you look at the front arb replacement look at the instructions on this link:
Revised NC sway bar installation instructions - MX-5 Miata Forum.
It will save you hours of frustration when you come to do the work. The rear is easy, but change all the drop links at the same time. Chances are you will need to destroy at least 3 of the fixings to remove the bars any way. You will need new arb rubber bushes for the new bars, the brackets from the old ones will fit. And give all the fixings a good spray with proper releasing fluid for a few days before you start work.

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Lovely story Lovely car too, Hope you thoroughly enjoy every moment of owning it, Bless you and your lovely family, Best regards from Epping Essex. Ray and Sue…

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Many thanks.

The ARBs have been a thorn in my side since I thought about buying them.

26.5mm and 16mm bushes for RX8 seem straight forward enough but then there is tall or short advertised by some distributers.

The prices also seem insane. Searching here and other places people mention ‘a few quid’. It looks like it’s going to be more like £65-£80.

I have the old ones from the RX8 donor. They aren’t cracked so I was tempted to use them. Trouble is it makes sense to do the job properly now.

Love your enthusiasm for the MX5

Had mine under a year now

Preferred vehicle to drive regardless of time of year

Got good tyres on it and full service

Otherwise I just drive

Countryside including potholed lanes

It takes it all in its stride

Welcome to the fun of an MX5

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