Blyton Park MX-5 Only Day - 1st June

Brilliant photos.

I had Android Auto installed by Mazda the week before I attended Blyton Track day, a few days later my passenger window failed & I took it to Mazda for repair.
Before the Track day They had given my car a clean bill of health as they do (complementary health check) but after my window failed & dropped it off to Mazda I received another video of my Health Check, they found my rear break disks Scored (BAD) & Front off side shock absorber was so wet it looked like it was dipped in oil. This has worked out to be an expensive weekend but I loved it & so happy I got to meet all the people I did. Thank you all for such a rememberable time.


Unfortunately track days do stress the car more than the road, and is an inevitability that repairs are required regularly. Be thankful the day was completed in full!

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Hello folks

The magazine team are looking to cover the track day as the motorsport feature in the next magazine and are looking for some input about the Blyton day - any of you as participants be up for putting together 3-400 words about their experience of the day to share with other members who might like to do another day in the future?

Perhaps it was your first time on track, or first time at Blyton or you are a track or Blyton veteran and can pull together a few words about how the day went?

Time is tight as we are putting the magazine together now, but there are some great pictures from the day and would be great to accompany them with some experiences

Huge thank

PM or email for help guidance

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@StuMaz it was great to meet you too Stu and you’re co pilot… and the motor was the most colourful MX5 there, all the best for future events pal :+1:

Hey Blueben. Thanks and am hoping to see you out and about at some other events soon :slight_smile:

If any of the turbo power guys are about i would appreciate some pointers and advice on how to do that to ours :slight_smile: :smiley: