Blyton Park MX-5 Only Day - 1st June

It’s a bit catch 22, you need to know that there’s enough interest to mitigate the financial risk of putting on a single model event and the club members need the events to be available in order to demonstrate their interest by booking.

I certainly got the sense from talking to others at the Blyton day and from the number of people who missed out that there’s enough interest from club members to support more than one MX5OC trackday a year.

Could something be done with expressions of interest, maybe with a small deposit, refundable if the event doesn’t get enough takers?

I would be more than good with that Beardy. I got same impression when chatting to people around the paddock

I’m at Donington in July. Did I see MX-5 Europe getting a discount code?

I’ve just had a look, there is a discount code on the event tab of their FB page. Too late for me though, I booked before I joined their FB group.

Same here.

Id be up for Oulton Park x 3 slots in November. If a weekend deffo. If its a only mx5 day. Got a few events coming up and to be honest drivers will be more aggressive so most likely won’t let daughter drive.

Thank you to all at the track, this was (is) my first Track Day & I only came down from Scotland as it was for an “MX5 Only” and thought this would be the better way to start, You all made me feel comfortable (TIM on the line :smiling_face:) with lots of offers to drive with as passenger & trusting me as driver :smiling_face: I would like to thank you all, (Adam Especially) for showing me what my car (ND 1.5 Sport) is capable of & all the pep talks (Brian) that helped me improve my driving both on & and off the track (shortest isn’t always the fastest). I had a great day & would like to thank all of you for making it a day I will never forget. “Use all the Track, Don’t use all the gears, if you are under 4K revs you are in the wrong gear” Thank you all for a great day…


Will get the better half to look at this on facebook lol…i dont use it…more aggro than its worth :rofl:

What’s the rough cost per person?

I am happy to sign up if it’s £200 or less and on a weekend!

At £200 per car we would need over 100 cars on a weekend so that doesn’t work

I’m sure Nick will confirm prices

Circuits, especially MSV circuits are priced dependant on the day of the week and time of year. Fridays are around 10% more than other week days and Weekends and bank holidays can be as much as 60% more. We pick November, because rates are far less at that time.
A way to lower attendance price is to admit more cars. However, problems on track rise exponentially the more cars that attend. Me and Paul want a quiet life and so we do limit numbers. We do this because we want you, the customer, to enjoy your day driving, to go home with a smile on your face, not sat in queues in the Pitlane thinking you have wasted your money. The video above of the young lady spinning but learning gives us far more joy than any “fastest lap”. We also run all our days the same. We don’t care how many race wins or how many turbos you have, you all follow the same rules which to us is, that everyone is there for equal enjoyment and respect.
So, all that said, the way to achieve this is low numbers attending and we say what that number is. For Donington, we think that number is 60 and as a result, a weekend, even in November, would result in a price of around £280. It is just not the sort of money our customers would be willing to pay.


Hi Nick, Thank you being so open and honest with the pricing etc. As the father of the ‘Spinning Young Lady’ I have to say Saturday was a perfect 1st trackday, great circuit, great, respectful, people and wonderfully organised. The skills that Emily learnt that day are priceless.

I also have 2 lads that are learning to drive later this year and we will certainly be booking with you again if you run another MX5 day like last Saturday.

Ive done Oulton and Donny in a bog standard MX5 before on open days and spent most of the time looking in mirrors and pulling over to let much faster stuff past which isnt good for newbies but I will book either Donny or Oulton in November as a treat for myself …

PS Ive put a video of the whole session together where Paul instructed Emily from Pit Lane to Pits. His calmness, clear intructions, debrief and whit is brilliant. Ill post it tonight.

Thank you so much.


Slow cars can be fun too.

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We have an evening on Brands Hatch Indy circuit on Tuesday 18th June. It is limited to 40 cars, I suspect there will be a lot less.
If you enter CLUB150 at the checkout it will reduce the event to £150

It would be good to see some of you there.


+1 to that. Was first track day at Blyton and i was in a kind of ‘bliss shock’ most of the day and only really sank in since. A fantastic event, well organised driving experience with superb people there all round. The tuition session with @NickD was utterly compelling. Thanks MOT track days, lots of smiling memories banked



Was good to finally meet up blueben…leta hope we can again at next track day or club event :+1: