BRITCAR 2012 INTRO: updated 05 Aug

Hi Folks,

Just a little teaser to keep you all interested before the August Soft Top Hardtop lands on your doormat. Whether you can make all three days, or just fancy the one, the £30 Club-special three-day ticket will arrive with your in-field pass, meaning you’ll have the freedom to come and go daily as you please. Parking will be tight, so cars that are planning on staying in situ for the whole three days will get the best places at the front.

We’re also going to build our own, short, race track; just enough to park an ecclectic mix of race and road cars spanning all three generations of the car thus far. Anyone with something a little special they’d like to volunteer for this display, please shout out. The ‘track’ will be flanked by the remainder of the 100 cars lucky enough to secure these very special tickets.

We’ll also have the club marquees and flags on hand so that no-one can fail to see /find us!

The plan: to get 100 MX-5OC Club Members’ cars onto our Club ‘village’ stand, right in the heart of the action. we have been granted exclusive ‘in-field’ access so that you, a passenger and your car get to drive under the hallowed ‘Welcome to Silverstone’ sign, through the gate, over the bridges and into the paddock. The red circled area below is ours:

If you decide to camp, then the camping area is just a short walk away, through the paddock, under the pedestrian bridge at Copse corner onto the ‘out-field’. Details and booking for camping are already on the 1st tickets website:

If you’re planning on staying somewhere more substantial then you’re only a Google search away from the hundreds of hotels, lodges and B&Bs that surround the circuit.

Then there’s the small matter of a parade lap at Saturday lunchtime and we’re convieniently parked right next to an access gate! We’ll all get to parade our cars behind the BRITCAR pace car and experience first hand what the likes of Button, Hamilton and De Resta call their home circuit.

To be absolutely clear, we, the MX-5 Owners Club are the only Club to be allowed into the ‘in-field’. All other car Clubs are stuck outside the track, behind the Paddock Straight. We’ve only secured this because, over the years, we’ve impressed the BRITCAR owners and organisers with our dedication and loyalty to the marque.

This really is your chance to be part of something uniquely special…hope to see you there Big Smile

Update 1st August:

Our area just got a whole lot bigger…

Update: Sun 05 Aug:

Time to release the first little suprise, Mazda have kindly lent us this for the stand:

It’s rather special, one of a kind…and very orange Big Smile

Update: Fri 10 Aug:

Gone off Orange, thought we might have Green instead…in fact one of last years actual race cars Cool

Update: Tue 11 Sep:

Parade briefing is 9am, Parade laps between 10.10 and 11am.

Please don’t be late!!!

Update Wed 12 Sep:

Mission Motorsport press release on page three of this thread; these are the guys you’ll be watching in just over a week’s time…


Hopefully the smells eminating from the OC marquee won’t all be last nights curry…

 You have to taste this…

Update: Thu 13 Sep:

This just announced:

Any Father/Son or indeed Mum/Daughter combos might like this as an opportunity to experience working within a team for the day…and get driven at pace around the circuit in a ‘proper’ race car.

Err, not sure I can mention this on here but this lot are coming too to support the Mission Motorsport guys (currently being described as three blokes with five legs…)

That should perk up attendance…anyone interested in their cause, just Google ‘hotties4heroes’ but I’m not responsible for the search results if the parental controls are off…

Update Tue 18 Sep:

From another Club Member:

Hi Guys,

Just to confirm, MacG Racing are there from Wednesday night onwards, & if anyone wants to pop their heads in to see the manic side of a race team :slight_smile: , feel free. Incase anyone gets bored, which I doubt!!, apparently this year we are also getting the simulator which The Gadget Show used last year for their 24hr endurance session. There is a small charge for this, with proceeds going to charity. Nothing technically to do with us, just he is setting up within our hospitality area, but should be worth a giggle.

Feel free to stick your heads in & cheer us along.

Shane, (York) Team MacG Racing - Ultima GTR Endurance Britcar

It’s this one for those that didn’t (a) sit staring at Polly-Anna’s…err…eyes Wink in the garage last year or (b) didn’t see the Gadget Show episode that followed

Sounds fantastic, Jon.  Will do my best to join you.

 As per my other post, if I’ve got time free, I’ll help out where I can.

Love to be there - please put me and Gay down.

We can bring either the RS, the SR or the Blue SC’d !!!

Steve Bryan

 So I guess booking forms are in the next STHT then, with a one off charge of £30 for one, two or three days. I will be there for Saturday and Sunday and if you want my 1991 Mk 1 “J” Ltd (yellow) for your display I will be happy for you to include. Looking forward to it, last year wes excellent.

Definitely seems good fun. Will be trying my best to attend


As you know I am great as loosing the little bits that come inside STHT so wonder if it would be posible to have a downloadable copy of the entry form placed on here once the STHT has gone out.



 Go to Britcars website, look for the 24hr and book there.


I’ve started a thread just for you…


 Thanks Jon, tickets ordered. Could we be lucky enough to have weather like last year? I doubt it but will be a great time anyway.

Thanks for the booking link

Pair of tickets ordered just got to sort out the camping now

Hope weather is as good as it was for (most!) of the Silverstone Classic last weekend.

I was very envious of the F40s n their parade lap, so it will be great to get to do our own!

Updates to the OP Big Smile

Hi Jon

Is there a minimum age for this?  I.e. can I bring my 5yr old son?

And are there restrictions on when we can arrive/leave during each day?

Hi Steve,

To my knowledge no restrictions at all, was certainly plenty of younger Motorsport fans there last year!

Come and go as you please, those that are planning on parking up for the full three days to soak up the atmosphere and get into the spirit will be given the inner paking, around the race cars. But we have plenty of room for all and this is ‘your’ weekend, the idea being you do as you please, when you please.

Big Smile

Was talking to Hayley at BRITCAR today about our stand, all very exciting stuff…Health and Safety, Risk Assessments…

Looking forward to it.

I have a paypal receipt but nothing else, anyone else received any emails or paperwork in the post yet or am I being impatient? I must get the camping booked…

I have a 2012 White Venture edition hardtop if thats the sort of thing you want on your stand…

 Same with me. Hopefully tickets will follow in good time.

Hi ,  I have just booked a pair of tickets, new to this sort of thing, but I don’t mind volunteering.

  • Bernard,

Hi , I am camping and not moving the car for the 3 days so would be up for  the infield display - if you want a bulk standard 1997 uk NA in red !

I am happy to volunteer on the stand - whenever you need me . I can’t wait first time for this type of event for me !

  • Bernard