Brooklands 2014, Any questions about coming? Please post in this thread…

For loads of info check out the FAQs here, if the answer’s not there then please post in this thread and one of the rally team will try to answer…





Is the green and yellow Brooklands Badge shown on this thread going to be available at some point?





Was hoping it will form the Member plaque for the day, in, they are screen printed and hoping to do it in 1 (green) maybe 2 colour (green, yellow), just what works out most effective, though 3 colour repro may take the cost over whats possible on that item as a giveaway.

The plaques will be available to collect  at the Club/member tents with the schedule for the day.




I usually tow my MX5 behind my motorhome to club events, any camp sites nearby?


Hi Burton,

Martin does the Forum updates, how would he know?Wink

There are a couple of campsites close by one at Chertsey and one at Walton on Thames both are only a couple of miles from the site and have hard standing. Slightly further afield outside the M25 is Horsley. I think you need to be Camping and Caravan Club, though If I recall you stayed on the CCC site at Sandringham?


Walton on Thames


Firstly why are tickets not distributed electronically? It seems silly to have to post all those tickets and also where is the extra from the postage cost going? 

Secondly why is the pay with paypal feature not working?


Hi Harco

Thanks for your questions, may do a ticket FAQ as had a couple of emails on non members looking to buy tickets also.

The reason for the first question is Brooklands is a long established institution and also an extremely busy events venue - they are also embedded in tradition and have a process that they follow - getting a physical ticket to everyone prior to arrival is unfortunately the only way. Many options were discussed with them, but unfortunately all were turned down. This was the only way that it could be done, I agree with you it adds a considerable layer of administration but worth it to get full access to the venue in the capacity that we are.

There is no extra to the postage, £1 covers the envelope, paperwork(receipt, address sticker), stamp, plus processing deductions which all comes to more than £1. 
You can also apply for tickets by post also, please see Soft Top Hardtop for details and your booking form, send an SAE to the address given.

Will have to look into the paypal option, looks likely to be a temporary glitch as about half of the tickets processed so far


Thank you for that quick answer, Hopefully the Paypal option will start to work again


As members need the ticket why were they not sent with STHT?

Also why does the joint member need to pay when in past years they have been let in free?

Can you please explain what the processing deductions are.

Given that I may be entering the car competitions, and these in the past have taken the whole day meaning I have seen very little of the rally, will my guest still need to pay for a ticket?

I have to echo Drew’s questions. Also, as a paid member, whose wife is a joint member, why does she have to pay seperately? I feel very disappointed with this.

I too had intended to enter in any competion but as Drew points out, given the time this takes away from the whole days events, I may have to give this more thought.

HI, i am bringing my 8 year old son with me for the day, does he have to have a full price ticket the same as an adult? as there is only one type of ticket for sale on the club shop section

Also what is the ticket for? is it to get into the rally or Brooklands museum?

I am a bit confused



Each ticket is provided to the club with a cost. The Trust that runs Brooklands can only provide the site to the Club on a pay per person basis and unfortunately not as an overall hire - our event will just not be able to reach the scale required to hire the site outright  - and therefor a situation where a pass could be sent with every magazine.

Our events are to remain accessible to all, so the site has to be open to non member public too, meaning Brooklands will use advance tickets for headcount versus the open gates -  and where the hire fees are calculated per person and the membership subscription is the same for a couple or an individual, the fairest way to offer free admission is to offer one ticket per membership, whether joint or single.

Membership admin provide the relevant definition in the articles as follow:
“Member” means any person or persons who are registered as a holder of a valid Membership Card. In the event that more than one person is registered under the same membership number, then those people shall for the purposes of any rights or obligations arising from the Club be considered as one Member;

The Club is split nearly bang on 50/50 individual to joint so for every argument of “we are joint members” there is an equal and opposite “why do I pay the same as a joint”. Nor has the opposite ever come up for the events in the past in why should your partner or guest be permitted? This is the equitable way forward for these circumstances.

Members have requested online services and the options work very well for goods, services and events and have done over the past 2 years.

The breakdown of the £1 p&p to get your ticket to you as requested;

  • Stamp £0.60 (franking - we cant do as we don't have the circa £3K machine we would need for the club or the account set up) 
  • Paypal fees based on the £1.00 = £0.26 - Sage Pay card fee or Paypal fee cost per transaction are 23p + percentage of either 2.3 or 3.4% 
  • Envelope £0.09
  • Integrated A4 Packing slip, address label and printing £0.09
  • other costs such as the online service subscriptions, energy etc are over an above this amount also.
If putting through £1 p&p is a problem, please do send an SAE, the equivalent real cost is more but has always been the way that the club has operated for tickets and has never attracted any complaint or question in something like 18 years.

On attending the day, what you do on the day at the event at Brooklands is up to you, if you wish to compete then great I am sure it will be a great day to be a competitor at being at the centre of the event - however you are getting your entrance to the event as normal and you would at any other event, you can see the Brooklands Museum as an extra if you wish. Normal event day admission Brooklands will be £12 per person to everyone - the Club is offering a free ticket to each membership and additional discounted tickets for £9 if you require them well below the normal day ticket - which will be £11 from March, event days are more.

As said above, Brooklands is what it is and they operate as they do, a very long line of history has cast this, however the services and support for the day and for the event merit the layer of administration to bring this to you as what is on offer as part of the day is fantastic.

Hi Jaguar Jack that is covered in the FAQ

You will best getting a junior ticket at the gate for an 8 year old, (looks to be £6 in April).

Brooklands only offer Clubs a single type of advanced ticket regardless of age or concession, child tickets or Family discounts are separate from this.  Under 5s are free.

Tickets are to get in to the whole of the the Brooklands Museum.

Further details here


Brilliant, thanks for the quick reply

See you there

I tried the Paypal option around 4pm Sunday Jan 26 without success.

Used my Visa Debit with success, well, it will be totally successful when I get my ticket.



Well I’ve never been accused of being tight ( I suspect there’s time for that in the near future) but if the best thing that can be arranged by the OC is a pay to attend and support and allowing the great unwashed to get up close and personal with your pride and joy then I won’t bother I’m afraid as I think the committee is loosing it’s way.Frown

The Brooklands hotel is fantastic we have stayed there before. Has a discount been negotiated for members.

Well worth the stay.





To be fair, I think that the majority, if not all OC events have been accessible to the public and as explained by Iain, the entry fee for a second or non member is the fairest way to cover admission.

maybe slightly over exaggerating 

  • The event is free - the Club is providing a free ticket to each membership
  • All our events are open to the public and have always been.
Almost 200 non members attended Sandringham as the recent example, which will probably be quite a few more than will attend Brooklands. Whenever I tend to go out and park my car it is generally in the outdoors where people can get up close to it!