Calling all V-Spec Owners


Thought I would start a thread to see how many V-Spec peeps there are. Brief description and a piccie perhaps?

Here’s mine:

1991 car with 85k miles. Lightly seasoned (see my signature).

 Pictures of mine on the below thread…1992 80k miles

No drastic mods done. Just lowered & Mike Satur Style Bar / wind break added + Green spoke wheels from a UK 1991 BRG Limited Edition.

Only 2 of us then.

Oh well, should push resale values up.

Well, when I bought mine 2 years ago, I think she was a V-Spec…

I really didnt know a lot about 5’s at all, and only found out later that she probably started life as this model.

She had the Nardi wooden wheel, gearknob etc, tan leather interior, a/c etc

This is how she looked back then:



I was never really overkeen on her looks back then, so have changed her over the last couple of years to this:


Dont really know if you can say she is a Vspec or not [:O]

I am joining the Vspec party tomorrow, cant wait to pick the car up!


Yes Dave you got me BRG is good colour and Vspec is probably just as good as J2[6]
will upload some pics tomorrow or day after

We’ve had our 91 V-Spec for a couple months now and have done around 100 miles in it since.  It’s done 66K miles with full service history from new and is pretty much standard apart from the wheels which I’m changing for a set of 15" RS Watanabe’s.

 Hi … my first ever post on this forum, and I am a V Spec owner of less that 24 hours standing, as I just picked up the car yesterday. Pics to follow.

Expect LOTS of questions!

John H (Fife, Scotland)


I Love my BRG V-Sec Eunos 1993 1.8, He choose me in June 08 (it was love at first sight)

He had to have a new roof (heated rear screen) and I drove him all through the winter.

I fitted new wheels, Toyo proxy tyres, stainless steel exhaust and disc / pad all around.

I had standard springs and shock boots fitted to the existing GAB shocks to give a more user friendly ride height, Kept bottoming out on the smallest bump

Before F300mm R315mm / after F330mm and R 340mm

I even had the roof down on the Jan 2, We have traveled more than 6 k since then

Engine oil consuption was slightley high when I used 5W-30 ( 1 Ltr every 1500KM) but since I change it to 10W-40 it’s a lot better and no HLA clatter

 As promised, the first shots of my new car

how can it be on a 03 plate? [:O]


Just got home after 3.5 hours travelling from where I picked the car up
It has not been cleaned but cant wait to take some pics of her


goodbye my much loved mk2

I’ll post some pics of mine as soon as the weather allows [;)]

I like the look of your new Mk1 Clement. You’ve got the Zoom Engineering dash cover I’m after. I’ve got a lot more saving to do…but it’s nice to see what it’ll look like [:D]

I also want to know how John H has an 03 Plate Mk1?

Me thinks the DVLA may have made a mistake when it came into the UK…


A pure and simple mistake by the DVLA as far as I can see. The car previously had a private reg, and the DVLA seem to have given it an 03 plate cos it was imported in 03 … DUH?  [:S]

I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, as my gut instinct tells me it will somehow cause trouble sooner or later. However I may put another private plate on it anyway.

Had the car for all of 24 hours, seems very straight and true, everything seems to work and it drives very sweetly. For some reason it did not have the correct Nardi wheel, but a silver spoked wooden thing. I have changed it for my old vintage MOMO which feels much better. The Nardi gear knob has seen better days, but my MOMO gear knob did not fit. Any suggestions?


 Interesting interior Clement  nice looking 5


 Keep an eye out on Ebay for a Nardi knob. I bought a good one there as mine was missing when i bought the car. Recently got a mint one from Hooligan & sold on my old one. Nardi wheels come up regularly too.

Maybe worth posting a wanted ad on the forums too.

 1100 pounds bought me this last year.

My second Auto box Eunos Roadster. This time an 18 year old Vspec which nobody believes looks 18.

Pretty much original.

Changes :

  • Black Roof.  Sturdy mx5parts style bar and windblocker.  Chrome vent balls and vent rings. Mazda clear side markers/reflectors  Mazda clear indicators.  Original Black Roadster drivers side foot mat from my old Roadster (another to be purchased soon to match).  The fog light is the centre brake light.  It has probably been fitted with more trim under the nose cone. Not sure if it is a mazda nose cone - it also has a stainless steel grill to stop the nasty lumps of road debris flying into the radiator.

I think that’s it, except to say that I had fitted my old boot rack but have since taken it off. Car looks much better without it.





Do these cars have ABS? … was it standard, optional or not available? … and how would I tell if mine had it?

Ditto LSD? … I have been given conflicting stories about whether or not the car has an LSD.




 Do you allow black V-Specs in or is this thread only for the BRG flavour?


 I wish I knew. The only thing I can say with certaintly is that my Automatic confuses the issue even more.

It’s usually stated the Autos did not have LSD, however my latest roadster is less skippy and better on the road than my last auto non Vspecial. Both (allegedly) 1991 cars.

I am going to have another look at the front brakes to see if there is any abs sensor system fitted. You can usually tell if there is ABS fitted - the hub should have some sort of graded slots on it and a sensor connected with a cable coming from the hub… so that means the brake pipe AND an additional cable. If you can only see the brake fluid pipe, you will not have ABS.

John M