Car cover recommendations for NC 1

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC1
  2. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __where to buy a good car cover to keep my pride free from tree sap and stuff gracing the paintwork.
    Any recommendations ??

Amazon is probably full of them but any happy campers out there ??


Indoors or outdoors?

I need one too this year so I’m in the same boat. Need an indoor one.

I have this one from MX5 Parts; I have a 2008 PRHT
It fits really well; but I did find that I got some rubbing marks on the wings and boot when it was moving in the wind, so I bought a cheap soft indoor cover and I throw that over first then the outside one on top; no more problems.
I think you can get outdoor ones with the microfibre lining but they are pricey.
Hope that helps, cheers :+1:

Hi, I bought one from Classic Additions it is a top of the range cover as my car has to live outside in all weathers, it is very soft neoprene type material so it won’t mark the paint, it’s a tight fit with three straps and is taylored to take a hard top, rain beads on top of it and they recon it’s so breathable you can fit it to a wet car. It is a top piece of kit BUT, all of that comes at a high price £195 delivered however if your pride and joy has t endure all weathers it’s probably worth it in the long term, I have had 40 quid covers and I think they can cause more problems than they solve marking and micro blister to name two. Hth Dave

I had a stormforce outdoor cover and there were 2 negatives
Cats used it as a scratching post
Had bloom marks in the lacquer on the bonnet which looked horrible and took ages to fade.
I’m now back to washing more often with no cover.

Thanks for all the responses. I’ll make a call this weekend :+1:

I can “Highly Recommend” the Genuine Mazda indoor one. :slightly_smiling_face:
Easy to fit and does fit like a tailored glove.
One going second hand FYI. (I got mine second hand).
New ones on eBay too.

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I have the genuine Mazda Outdoor one as on MX5parts link. Fits perfectly but i added a couple more underbody restrainers by uitilising these and some bungees to ensure it really doesnt move.

I also have the Mazda indoor one, really soft and fabulous fit. Once I’ve finished my back end bumper off work, car will be washed and waxed and the cover on in the garage. Windows slightly open, keeps the car perfectly

That one on eBay looks a potential bargain…

A bargain agreed :+1: As long as we keep it quiet :shushing_face:

(Easily washed in the machine too for those interested).