Car cover yes or no?

Does the half-cover help with reducing heat on a sunny day entering the cabin? A bit worrying these are not lasting long. Does it keep the frost out?


I guess so. But it’s still hot. Might also help too with that info screen de lamination which some users report. Touch wood mine is fine pushing 6 years, and the only times it sees direct, strong sun is if I’m out in it.
Frost: No frost on the hood, unless you’ve had one of those nights where it was raining, then cleared up and went freezing, plus you’d had a bit of water weeping through the cover, this will freeze. Biggest issue in these situations though is the hood freezes ‘onto’ the car where it touches it. So not the easiest to remove. I’m privileged in that I don’t have to drive it, hence be concerned about it, in those situations.
Overall, I’m probably OTT with my car and half covers, but at the end of the day, the top still looks the same when not garaged, with no green etc, after pushing 6 years, so I must be dong something right!

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Info screen de-lamination? What is this?



Thanks for that. Will keep an eye-out for this. Might be best to cover the screen with some pouch anyway? Keep the intruders away and it is annoying it comes on everytime you start the car. Would rather not see it. I know there is a in-setting menu to disable it but annoying to do it everytime. You can do it via voice commands too.

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Yeah, maybe. It actually got me thinking of when I’m out and about, and I leave the top down when, say, popping in an ASDA, so putting say a microfiber over it might help. Again, OTT but who cares.

Ref the half cover, I usually wait until MX5 parts got a 10% offer on. I actually got one the other month when they had a sale on, as a spare, stored away in a wardrobe.

They’ve crept up in price since the first one I got in '18.

What intruders are you expecting?! I very much doubt they’ll be interested in a Mazda infotainment screen…

And if you do get some delamination, you can pick up a replacement screen panel for less than £20, if it does happen. Or if your car’s still in manufacturer warranty, take it up with them.