CarPlay Fitting

Any recommendations for dealers who will retro-fit CarPlay to my 2015 ND in the Somerset/Wilts area please. Also price paid please. Last time I looked it was £350…

I think most dealers charge £350, parts can be had for £200 if you can fit it yourself. I was a VERY early adopter and managed to get the parts for £147 and fitted it myself.

Thanks Gareth. How easy was it to fit? I’m no stranger to electronics, but a bit worried that it would require firmware updates or that I’d destroy the console!

It does require a firmware update and that MUST be done before fitting the hardware. Its not difficult and there is a comprehensive instruction set which tells you how to do it. Fitting itself is pretty straight forward and these cars come apart very easily and go back together very well too (no rattles or damage etc). If you’ve got an e-mail address you can send me I can e-mail you the installation instructions so you can see what is involved.

I’m in the same boat as c01 e-mail details PM’d:-) Peter

I’ve sent the instructions to you both, cheers.

Thanks for sending:-) much appreciated. My car already has the “hub” for the Navi maps/usb connections and I’m guessing the shown cables behind the dash! I may have misunderstood:-( the OP original title… I’m looking for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and assume if I have the hardware in already there is a software/firmware stage needed separately? Thanks, Peter

You have to change the original factory USB block to a dedicated car play one, run new cables in and do the update.

If your existing USB block doesn’t have a phone symbol on it (next to one of the ports) you will need to upgrade the USB block and cables.

I paid £125 from the Mazda main dealer and did the install myself using this video as a helper.

The FIRMWARE has to be updated BEFORE the hardware install.


The ND assembles like LEGO, there are a lot of push-fit click-connect fixings and only a few bits to unscrew.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Gareth, that is a really useful clue, will check double check then decide which way to go! Peter