Centre console wrapped

I think the MX5 ND has a great interior but I wish Mazda had made a bit more of an effort with some of the hard plastics. So I have had a go at Carbon Fibre wrapping the centre consol. The result is not perfect but I am happy with it and the textured finish to the wrap has a nice feel to it. Going to wait a while to see it if it all stays in place then might wrap the visible half of the panel and glove box behind the seats and the heating control panel to match.


Looks good :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of CF wrap but that looks really good, I would have that but I can’t wrap very well :+1:t3:

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Thanks CeramicMX5ND2

Thanks Sunzoffski. I had originally wanted to wrap the console in leather but the cost was too much and hard to find a good colour match with the seats. A friend gave me some wrap he had left over from another project so I thought I would give it a go. I also struggled at first but then I got a few good tips from watching videos on YouTube by CK Wraps to see how it’s done.

That looks great. Much better than my attempts at doing it that looked a bit like a wet shower curtain when it gets stuck to the back of your leg.

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I have done my gear surround in CF wrap. Looks a million times better than alloy. I am not a huge fan of CF wrap but it’s good at hiding marks if you catch it. Flat colours are not so forgiving. It’s in keeping with the standard carbon effect that Mazda have used inside too.

I have some very thin leather that I covered my kit car interior with, that’s lovely, and easy to apply with contact adhesive so long as there aren’t too many curves and corners. I did think of using that on a few areas.

Wow all looks amazing, really like it. Dont think I am brave enough to give it a try myself.

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Totally agree about some of the plastics, this looks so much better

Well Done Looks good. did it take you long :wink:…I going for carbon fibre effect hydro dipping already had the centre control panel done :wink:

Thanks Phoenix22, luckily wrap is quite cheap so why not watch a few vids on how the pro’s do it and have another go.

Look’s good MrBarry. I would love to see any pics you have of the leather wrapping you did, was it any harder to apply than vinyl wrapping.

Thanks ddurgan, why not give it a go, it’s cheap and can be removed if it goes wrong.

Thanks 999to5, I am glad to hear someone agrees with me about the hard plastics.

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Thanks exiled-viking. Excluding removing and refitting the panels in the car. I did the big panel first and I think that took me about an hour and a half. I learnt a lot from the first panel and so the other three panels took between 30 to 50 minutes each. I will take a look on your thread at the hydro dipping, what are you impressions with hydro dipping and does it cost much.

It’s more forgiving in some ways because it’s ten times thicker. It won’t stretch like vinyl however so you have to stick to flat panels or gentle compound curves. You can piece it in and stitch it for effect if you have patients.

You can see in this image it will fold around the handbrake and gear cut outs, it is glued underneath and it holds up perfectly. I wouldn’t want to try the handbrake surround like I did on vinyl tho.

Thanks for posting the pics Mrbarry. It looks like you got a good result with the leather on your kit car. I guess as ND’s don’t have much in the way of flat panels especially at the front of the centre console a lot of individual pieces and stitching together would be required but the end result could look amazing.

I did trim a few more areas with it but that’s the best picture on my phone. A specialist trimmer would charge a good few hundred quid to do a full dash and centre console but it might well be worth it.