Ceramic Polish

MX-5 got a ceramic coating today, very pleased


Nice :+1: which brand did you use ??

Hi Rich
Am not sure, as i had it professionally done, can find out for you

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A very appropriately timed post Steve and very nice finish too. I have just bought myself some of this.

I have watch loads of YouTube reviews and bitten the bullet on the Turtle Wax :turtle: Ceramic Spray Coating.

I wanted to apply the coating myself :cold_sweat:.

My MX5 is nearly 2 months old and has no protection on the paint work. I applied Fabsil to the roof about a fortnight ago, bodywork and wheels are next :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve used a similar product, Car Plan No1 ceramic, which was a Best Buy in auto express a couple of years ago.
I was really sceptical, it looks like water, but it’s lasted over a year on my oh’s cx5, and still beads water. It also makes it very easy to wash.
It’s very easy to use, spray on a clean car, wipe off, leave for a couple of days to cure.

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@Steve_B1 thanks, would be interested if it was a non trade product. Report back on how it lasts !
@MX51MJR let us know how you get on with it, my car is similar age and was just about to use Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection wax on it.:wink:

I will reply back to this thread with an update. Hopefully a wash and first coat on Sunday followed by a second coat on Bank Holiday Monday :blush:

Morning MJR
Brilliant, yes ive got the rinse ceramic polish, so it’s just a case of, hosing down the car after the initial wash, and then spray on, and rinse off. Last months MX-5 magazine was interestig, as it states, use a lambswool mit, and not a chamoix leather, just a drying cloth, and when you apply any solution, to wash in lines, rather than circles. Hope to meet you soon

Morning Overdrive

Will let you know Rich

Best way to apply these “rinse off” products is to spritz them onto a MF pad/towel and wipe over the panel. Then wife wife a clean towel. You will get a much better and even application with no overspray onto glass etc. It will last longer and no residue left behind.

So, your wife wife does the hard work then?:rofl::rofl:

Good point though, spraying it on to a microfibre cloth is the way to do it.

Hope to see an update on this, as my car is a month old and I gave it a coat of Meguirs wax and it seemed ok, but I fancy a coat of ceramic…

Thanks for that kzg

will do Rich

I use this in the picture below the guys that did my coating use it and its made by a company only a few doors across the complex also only a 15 minute Run for me to by it direct when I need a top up

handy size spray bottle you get 8-10 full covers for this size wash the car coat one panel at a time then wipe off polish up car done in around 35 mins …

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Hi Snelly
Will do

I’ve had CarPro Cquartz ceramic coating on both my cars for the last 18 months.
Applied it myself when they were new. Not difficult, wash and dry the car, wipe down with isopropyl alcohol, then apply the coating, panel at a time, allow to cure then buff off.
Also use the special shampoo to wash it and the quick detailer to dry it and top up.
At £39 it’s a bargain. They reckon it lasts 2 years.

Here is my update on the Turtle Wax Ceramic Wax Coating: :turtle:

I have been busy all day giving my MX5 a wash in preparation:
Jet wash
Bilt Hamber Auto Foam
Jet wash
Two bucket wash with Bilt Hamber Auto Wash Car Shampoo and Adams car wash pad
Jet wash
Towel dry
Deep breath then spray on Turtle Wax Ceramic Wax Coating.

Weather was warmish 12 deg. with slight cloud cover with a few sunny spells. (My pop up gazebo was on standby but the sun was not strong enough to warrant using it).

As always I followed the instructions to the letter.

The spray is very very easy to apply. I would go further and say it is an absolute joy to apply.

I sprayed direct on to one panel at a time, the spray came out in a good mist which meant there was no “running off” down the body work.

Using a micro fibre cloth I wiped the spray into the paintwork. I didn’t use a circular polishing motion just worked left to right then up and down.

Then I changed cloths and repeated the process, before moving onto the next panel.

I only used two micro fibre cloths for the whole car. The first cloth got “damp” through use, but with regular folding it never once “dragged” or felt like it was “smearing” the coating.

With the dampness of the cloth I felt I was covering everywhere (which is what you are supposed to do).

I used it on the glass too, however next time I will use less spray on the glass. This was the only time I felt I had put too much on. I am confident I sprayed the same amount on each surface but on the glass there was much less “soaking in” (that’s the best way I can describe it).

So as far as ease of application is concerned it’s defiantly 10 out of 10, just don’t go mad on the glass.

I do intend to give the car a second coat, but I think I will do that after it’s next wash :sweat:.

As for finish, well the car was pretty “shiny” before I applied it (its two months old). I have shown a close up picture that was taken about an hour after it was applied. The sun was out then too.

The colour is Snowflake White Pearlescent :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

I will add to this thread in a few weeks time and comment on how clean the car has stayed and how easy it is to wash (and dry).