Chrome fuel cap, can't decide

I’m in two minds on a chrome fuel cap.

Would one be wasted on a Sunlight silver car.
Whilst my car is never subject to winter conditions or salt, what are they like to live with as regards keeping clean.

Anyone got any photos of one on a silver car, I can’t find one online.

If you can find one. Not sure which model you have, the Mx5parts ones were good quality (Mazda) beware of cheaper and inferior lids being sold elsewhere.

I’ve had them on all my MX-5’s from Mx5parts, bit pricey (when you could get them) I reckon they’d still look good on a silver car.

Moss Europe have them in again.

Just shy of £90 though, and that’s where I can’t decide.
Would it have the same contrast on a silver car, and what’s the chances of it going rusty.

NC by the way


I had a genuine Mazda Chrome lid on my NC (Soft Top). Car was Galaxy Grey. I now have one fitted to my NC PRHT (Storm Blue) & it looks fab. I think I still have my Soft Top model lid somewhere if your interested in purchasing. Chrome is pristine


The PRHT IS different to the soft top one.
My mate had one on his silver car and looked good.
I was going to have his before he sold it, (Hence why I know about the difference).
I have a genuine one bought second hand and all good.
No pitting or peeling etc.

Just took these of my Aluminium Silver NC which might help (sorry I couldn’t be bothered to get it out of the garage). I’ve had the chrome petrol cap for a couple of years having got one from MX5 Parts when they had them and yes I much prefer it. One of the things I like is that it fits absolutely flush whereas the previous body coloured one was slightly indented.

Wow, that is tight parking!

:smiley: Tee hee. There is another car (daily driver) next to it and I have to get out of it so the ‘5’ goes as far to the left as poss.

I would be interested in the NC soft top fuel door if you still have it

I’ve had an MX5parts chrome filler cap on my NC for over ten years and apart from some very light scratches it is still as good today, personally i would stay well clear of MOSS as there have been quite a few complaints over the years on this very forum as to the chrome quality i.e. pitting, discolouring and flaking off.

Wow, it’s chrome everything on your 5, head restraints, rear lights, centre brake light, edges of mirrors on doors, dashboard is full of chrome. Impressive

You’re very observant! Not the centre brake light though. It does look like it but it’s just a trick of the light. Funny really, apart from the ‘5’ everything else I own or wear is beige! Just seem to have this urge to add ‘bling’ to the car and keep polishing it. Don’t neglect the mechanical side I hasten to add.


I have sent you a message


Too late, I ordered one.


I wish I’d seen your post before I ordered.
The chrome cap arrived, and i’ll be quite frank, it’s Sh*t.

There are areas on the underside where the chrome plating is either unfinished or been scraped off.
There’s a small mark on the outer surface
And it doesn’t fit.

I’ve emailed Moss, lets see how they address it.

Is yours a soft top or PRHT?

Soft top.

The reason I can’t get it to fit.
It has a rubber o-ring, which it says in the instructions to stretch into 4 grooves.

However, It just won’t stay in the grooves, it keeps popping out, making the cover impossible to fit inside the cavity.
I can stretch it beyond all recognition, where it might just grip in one or two of the grooves, but then the o-ring is now too big, making it impossible to fit inside the cavity.

And it looks unfinished if I fit the cover without the o-ring.

The o-ring was the final straw.

Two colleagues looked at it this morning and both said the same, in fact, one of them commented,
‘why isn’t the o-ring fitted in the factory … probably because it doesn’t fit.’

Somewhat dissapointed.

“Mx5parts ones were good quality (Mazda) beware of cheaper and inferior lids being sold elsewhere”

This is what I meant in my post above.

My son bought me a supposedly Mk1 chrome trim for around the gear stick, it should have fit around where the gaitor fits. No way would that fit, totally wrong it got sent back to Moss.

The quality of the Mx5parts lids were excellent, Mazda part I believe, well it came with Mazda branding on the box and pressed into the underside of the lid. Expensive but quality.

They are pretty good at Moss, should have no problems returning it.

I think I must be in the minority of people that don’t actually like the chrome cap.
Personally I think it spoils the lines of the back of the car, being that the paint version blends in so well.
Just my opinion of course :slight_smile:


I must agree! :+1: Bling is not my thing!!! :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: