Club Spring Rally - Sunday 7th May 2023

There was mention in December STHT of a possible Club Spring Event in May this year in Southern Scotland.

Are there any developments on this yet; a confirmed date and/or location?

We’ve had to miss last couple of years and keen to plan some MX5ing breaks around this years events.

Thanks Ray


Hi Ray

Details are imminent, date remains 7th May.

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Thanks for the update Iain. Looking forward to hearing the details when available, and to start planning our break.

The last time we experienced Scotland in our MX5 was the Pitlochry Rally 2013 which we combined with two weeks touring the Highlands, and which remains one of our Mx5ing highlights.

Been a quick 10 years and 20 years since the Edinburgh National in 2003 also!


Just been doing some preliminary accommodation check outs for this event.

Just came to mind we have the kings coronation on 6th May so a long weekend off for most as an extra day is given. So accommodation could be at premium prices, you know how it goes and all that.

I’d like to stop over and continue afterwards with a short trip around Scotland or Northumberland, thinking.:thinking:


This TICKETS - MX-5 OWNERS CLUB ( is the page you need to keep an eye on.



Seen that yesterday :+1: which brought my attention to do something about getting there and accommodation etc. A holiday weekend for all if you’re fortunate enough to get a break, so my thinking hotels b&bs could be busy, who knows?


That is exactly why we are booked already.
Now how many ‘sleeps’ is it now?!!!

Hi, anymore information about tickets ie when they’ll be on sale etc ? thanks

Any update yet re Ticket Sales for the Spring Rally?

Just go here TICKETS & EVENTS (

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Excuse me if I’m being thick here but if I click as a member I get the option of spending £12 to get a ticket, if I click as a non-member I get the option… of spending £12 to get a ticket?

I’m assuming that there is some way of getting entry to the event as a member without having to buy a ticket so if anyone cam point me in the right direction it would be hugely appreciated!

All tickets are chargeable.

Understood… might want to update the club membership details then :man_shrugging:

National and Spring Rallies

Our members get free entry to our biggest events of the year – our National Rally in September and Spring Rally in April. Tickets to these events are covered in the annual membership fee for members.

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I’m sure the people who organise these things will reply with the reasons in due course (likely as it also includes access to the Museum of Flight and it is the only way to get the venue, that’s guessing though) for I am just a lowly Forum Admin and don’t have any further information. :slight_smile:

Hi, @iainf just wondering…I paid for tickets ages ago and received a confirmation email but nothing else. Are e-tickets being issued or do I simply turn up on the day with the confirmation email?

etickets will be issued 3-5 days before the event.

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This is from the ticket purchase page so I am very confident that we will get them after the Bank Holiday.

“This is an E-Ticket only, Arrival and briefing instructions and passes will be emailed approximately 3-5 days prior to the event. Please order only what you require, if additional tickets are needed please email

Stay calm, don’t panic just yet and we will see you there.

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Just had an email from the OC about the Spring Rally, with 7th May in the subject line and 17th May in the content.

I infer it is the 7th May as the other date isn’t a Sunday.

I won’t be there unfortunately.

the 17th is a typo, the event is the 7th May

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