Cobra Race Exhaust for NC

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2007 MX5 NC 2.0

I have been looking at the Cobra race back box for my NC,

What do people think about it, is it too loud, does it drone a lot etc.?
any feedback would be appreciated thanks

With just the cobra back box ( std manifold and centre section) they sound great :+1:t3:
My issue is with the build quality :disappointed:
They look shocking after being on the car 12 months…:astonished::astonished:
Cobalt are superior quality IMO :sunglasses:


I guess it depends what you want to do with the car as well.
If you keep the rest of the exhaust standard it’s probably loud but acceptable but if you change the manifold and mid pipe it will probably make your and everyone else’s ears bleed.
There are always plenty of Cobras on eBay for resale that should probably tell you something.
There are subtler options but it’s a very individual choice just be aware of the pitfalls.

After much research and dithering I’ve just bought a BBR GT back box for my NC. Not cheap but then nothing good ever was I suppose.
Cobalt are well regarded but out of production on the NC.

I started this thread a few months back, there’s a fair bit of info on exhausts towards the end👍

First MX5 NC Power Mod

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I fitted a Cobra back box to my 2.0 Sport Tech, last year. Its the loud race type. Yes it does drone a bit at certain rpm but not offensive, in my opinion. For the price it looks good and sounds good. I posted a link on here to a video on YouTube showing a comparison with the standard box, if you can find it.

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I have a Cobra Race backbox on one of my 5s and love it, BUT as it’s only a Sunday/play day car i doubt i could live with it if it was an every day commuter.

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That’s great thanks,
I will be keeping the standard headers and mid pipe for now, ill have a look around at all options

Fitted a Cobra Road back box a few months ago…removed it after 24hrs and sent it back for a full refund. Droned like hell at 2k rpm…gave me a headache. I appreciate a nice quiet car a lot more now…especially on long drives. It seems that any performance upgrade just increases noise…fine if that’s what you want but not for me.

I also fitted a Cobra road back box to my NC and it has a pleasantly deeper note. It doesn’t drone at all and is civilised with the hood up at all revs.
I did have a bit of vibration from some of the interior trim but was easily sorted.
Each one seems to be different but mine has been on for over a year now and no issues.

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Does seem a bit hit or miss with the droning issue. Must be slight differences in the exhaust back further up.

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I fitted a Cobra “Road” exhaust back box last year… Yes it has a lovely deep tone now its “carboned” up a bit… Yes it’s a bit louder than standard, but that’s why I wanted one in the first place. Love to get the top down and hear it.