Colour Coded Parking

Hi, can someone tell me when we will be notified if we have been serlected for the Colour Coded Parking?

I had an acknowledgement email that said we would be notified in August but our area are organising its own stand and if I’m not in the Colour Coded Parking then I would like to be on our area stand.



Good question[(y)]
Also if you are entering one of the comps can you still be part of colour coded area or do you have to pick one or the other?
Any clarification appreciated [(yy)]

As far as I can see you can only be in one area, Comps, colour or club area.    The comp cars will be in early.

I’m also waiting to hear about the Colour Coded Parking

I imagine it’s an enormous job trying to coordinate this - I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon enough. 


I’m on the other end of the colour coded parking emails currently and pulling together the lists. So to clarify my current understanding;

If you are in the colour coded parking area you won’t be able to be in the competitions, nor on an Area stand.

Further info will be sent out later this month with details of where you need to be and when. We want to do that once, when we have the space filled.

We are aiming to have 200 cars in this area, as noted in the invite, we are currently running with a total just short of that, which so far suggests all current applicants will be invited to take up a space. I can’t guarantee that just yet as we still have to process final numbers of each colour, and with the total still to be reached we’ve not done that bit just yet. But I reckon you’re all in so far !

And just a reminder which will speed the process a huge amount, please provide car colour (in as much detail as you can), registration, and membership number and note please that it’s for NA MK1s only. I’ll apologise on here again to all those I’ve had to go back to and remind of this fact, which has meant a few more emails flying about than anticipated, but would thank you for your enthusiasm and wanting to be part of it… 

I reckon its going to look brilliant… 


Anyone got a photo of when we did this before at Gaydon ? I thought I had it, but can’t find it…!



Thanks Martin that’s really useful. Guess it makes sense to see if we do get space before making decisions about comps etc. [(yy)] . Will we know before comp deadline? Also does any one have previous photo I would love to see it![(y)]

Comps entry deadline is 14 the September. I would hope by then this bit will all be finalised so yeah, hang on a bit, you have nothing to lose… 

Thanks for the update Martin.

Fortunately our AC Sarah has kindly provisionally put me and two others who have applied for the colour coordinated parking on the list for the South East stand. If we are successful in getting in the colour parking then those spaces will become available for others.

I didn’t mean to appear impatient but I didn’t want to miss out on being on the area stand. [:">]



What do these letters mean ?




If you split them up Ray they look like this

GB  IRL  F  B  MC  I  CH  FL  D  AND  E

Get it? The first two should be a big clue.

The last two are from our trip to the Pyrennes in July.

Thanks Martin

I had an email (automated?) back on 6th June, nothing since.

Lets hope the weather is better this year.

hi Martin

I recall that we were asked to turn up “a little earlier” to get the coloured display in place; could you clarify what time is good for the 200 to arrive & how will we notify marshalls to confim that we are actually on the list.

sorry if this sounds a daft question but just thought to get it right



Hi Joe,

You will receive information relevant to your arrival time by email in the next couple of days, this will also contain your vehicle pass for this section.

What’s relevant to your car colour is not relevant to others so we will only confirm information directly with people that need to arrive at a time different from the Event Gate rather than post online, to avoid confusion. hope that helps for now



thanks Iain

This might produce an obvious answer, but is there much room to switch cars for display. I registered a black S-Limited back in June, with the idea that by September, it will have been in and out of the spray booth. That hasn’t happened, and now an expected area of rot is going to extend out the job. The car, though usable, isn’t looking in the condition I would have liked it. Any scope to swap this for a mint montego blue Mk1? If not, I’m bringing in the tatty (to my eyes) S-Limited anyhow; its got nice seats and a shiny engine. Obviously, I need to inform those who need to know of any changes.

No problem swapping now. just drop an email to parking@ please, so I can make the changes we are not so far forward as to have a space allocated per car but not far off !