Confused by categories and subcategories

I came back to add a comment to a topic I had posted in before, but found no option to post a reply.
This is the topic: New forum questions and tips
It doesn’t indicate it’s locked or give me any other indication I can intuit about why I can’t post in it.

Then I tried to post this comment but found hovering over the “+ New Topic” button produced a “No Entry” icon which clearly meant I couldn’t do so. As far as I can work out, the thread I previously posted in is inside the “Website [Discussion and Technical Issues]” category, but isn’t inside either of its subcategories. Is that the issue? I looked in each of the subcategories but didn’t spot the topic in either. It was only after choosing one of the subcategories (“Website Discussion and Technical Problems”) that I was allowed to start this new topic.

And speaking of commenting on topics you’ve posted in before, finding them ain’t easy.

I’ve got used to the idea that “Latest” will show me topics which have been posted to most recently. That’s great. That’s what I use all the time. But if I reply to such a topic and then later decide I want to add an update or re-read someone’s useful reply, how do I find it again?

Navigating down to the right subcategory is no use because I found it in “Latest” and never noted which subcategory it was in anyway.
“Latest” is no use if it’s a few days later.
“New” is no use unless the topic was started recently and contains unread replies.
“Unread” is no use unless by chance the topic has unread replies.

How about a topic category which lists topics I posted in irrespective of whether they have unread replies? That’s a pretty normal feature of forums and really useful. The forum seems to be designed only to help me find a thread I posted in if somebody else posted something new and not if I want to add something myself.

I suppose while I’m baring my soul I should add the comment which I was prevented from adding to the original topic linked above;

It was about the forum’s “Dark” theme not working on my laptop: It didn’t work on my Win10 machine running Edge browser. Since then I’ve heard elsewhere from another user for whom it does work with Win10/Edge, but testing again it still won’t work for me, though I can confirm it does work in Win10/Firefox on the same machine. Don’t know if that’s useful info but hope it might help.

If I click on the avatar next to your post, and then click again on your avatar in the information box which is displayed, I can then click on the “Activity” button, which shows me all the topics that you have contributed to.

A bit roundabout, but I think it may achieve what you are looking for.

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@Martin_Young, this link will help understand Discourse logic a bit better, we’re all getting to grips with it too and want to understand how it works out of the box before trying to change anything.

Any changes that do get made will be standard configuration settings only, no customisations as that’s the fast route to hell!

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Thanks both.