Congratulations & thank you.

 Congratulations to all the people concerned with organising the 2011 Billing National.What a great bunch the Northampton area members are.I arrived friday tea time and so I was able to help in a small way settting things up saturday morning.Everyone was so friendly and talkative and made me feel very welcome.In particular a big thank you to Chris,who invited and took me to watch Kettering Town play Tamworth(Kettering lost 2-0)Cry 

It was also nice to meet up with the Mexicans again.

Again I thank you all.

 Agreed, has to be said. Many thanks to all those that were involved in organising and running the National this year including all the traders who support us. We were at Silverstone for the track action on Saturday and then billing on Sunday, and both days were excellent. Well done all and thanks again.


Phil & Sue (Wessex Area)

Yeah -= brilliant - loved it. We caught up with so many old friends it was great. Lots of cars we havent seen before too. Excellent afternoon - well done everyone!

Well done to all the team on a great job this week.  Especially well done for fixing the weather which was fab.  Big Smile 

 Here! Here!  It was a great weekend all in all with camping, tracking and the actual rally day!  Good company, good weather and good stuff to do Smile

Thanks to everyone for organising Thumbs up

To Ken and the teamBig Smile Well  done for a great day out the weather was great too after all the warning no rain, shame those who did not come, it was a great to see so many friends from around the country. And Sam had the time of his life, but always does at these eventsDog

Looking forward to Falmouth next year already got Hotel sorted having a long weekend.

Once again all the best

Terry and SamDog 

 Ditto many thank’s brilliant weekend very well done lol DD

A huge thanks from my Fiancee and I to all those involved in organising the weekend. I don’t know who you are, but we really appreciate the fun time we had!

 Thanks to Ted and Lucie and all the people who make these events go well

your hard work is much appreciated.

Im going to make a few comments as honestly as I can.


Friday Night

The meet and greet Bingo was a great Ice breaker and the quiz was a lot of fun.

It was nice to meet everyone from their different regions.

A big thank to Chris + Ken the “cheesey wotsits” secret weapons.


The only downside was I would not call a Bacon sandwich a “buffet” after a lot of people had traveled a long way,

something more substantial would have been better even if the ticket price needed to go up.



I did not do the drives but People I spoke to said they enjoyed themThumbs up

The Morning open pit lane didn’t work aswell as at Mallory, I only managed about 25 laps.

So I spoke to many people instead  and even helped a very new owner find his fuse box and give him a fuse.


The Afternoon Sessions worked better and I think that 30 Mins was enough for most drivers I did sessions 2 + 7 and I was able to do 23 laps + in Both of them

It would have been Nice to see a pace car out for a few laps to give the Novice drivers some idea of the lines etc but I did not see that in either of my 2 sessions.

To Dankent + Phil I hope you enjoyed your laps out.

But on the whole it was a great way to introduce people to something more than a parade lap and show them that the risk is very low.

Well Done Nick and the MOT Crew + the MAX5 guys for the Hot Laps, Jonathon Blake + Paul Sheard for showing off the ability of their cars without intimidating the Novice driversThumbs up

I saw NO damage all day to anyones cars.

The Idea was to give First timers a taste of a trackday and not be full of More experienced drivers, and that appeared to be the case.

Saturday Night

Helen + myself met up with old friends after the track action but arrived at the Marriot for a chat and a beer just as the meal was finished. and lurked near the door

So other will have to give a Thumbs upThumbs Down to the full evening.



Great venue, good to see a variety of stalls catering for the “Drivers” and there passengers ( I nearly said the Men and the women and that would have been badZip It!)

The Competitions had a wide range of cars in and it was good to see some real diversity.

The concourse is a great Idea for “original cars” and Best kept for cherished ones that have been lightly “personalised” Thumbs up


The Auto test was a great idea and started slowly until people saw that it was a lot of fun and no risk (other than a bit of dirt)

I had a fun time if quite a slow one…but I hope the sliding and the sound of a Supercharger whining at full revs made some of you smileBig Smile

I ended up as rent a passenger for 3 other runs and was glad I was able to help ALL the drivers to a better time than my own …Even the VolvoEmbarassed


A Great day and Very little to Improve on.


Heres to Next years events…Think I will only be in 1 car for Cornwal @ the spring Rally

but I have already been approached about driving / providing runs at Prescott Hill Climb for the National…Mk3 race car Or UMA …Nah Both of em  Sparkle will have to stay at home.


Thanks again

Alan + Helen


P.s PJ if you want a Hot Car Judge at either for next year drop me a PM

Another thank you from me too … I only took part on the Sunday for the rally day and had a REALLY good time.
Was well chuffed I won another trophy too, which topped off a great day !!

Enjoyed watching the auto-test … VERY good idea to have it so central to the rally.
Roll on next year. 

Alan - thanks again for all the advice and tips, and then for taking me out in your car, I thoroughly enjoyed it and added to a really great day.

Top man!

I did suffer some damage at Stowe unfortunately. Nothing major, but on the long straight I let a car past, he then clipped what I think was a wing mirror on the track, which then flew up and bounced off my bonnet and wing, leaving a couple of scratches down to the metal. Luckily it’s booked in next month for the rear arches to be done, so will get them touched up then.


This was my first National Rally (only had my MX5 a few months) and I have to say I had a thoroughy enjoyable weekend. Kathy (despite her reservations about having two days of cars, cars, and more cars) also enjoyed it immensely - she was impressed that there were non-car related Trade Stands! We met lots of lovely people and thought the car themed disco on Saturday night was nice touch.

Not sure I can add much more to the post above, other than to add my thanks to all the people who put in the hard work and to congratulate them on what I thought was a well run event with plenty to do for everyone.

Absolutely Brilliant!!!


Lots of newbies out on track Thumbs up

Lots of knowledge being imparted (thanks Alan) Thumbs up

Lots of tyre kicking Thumbs up

Lots of people saying the runs out were spot on Thumbs up


Great selection of stands Thumbs up

Jazz band, lovely soothing sounds, just audible over Lockealike’s supercharger on the rev-limiter Wink

The best looking car park in history Thumbs up

Some amazing cars on the competition stands Thumbs up

The autotest… Clapping hands in the air

Thank you to all involved with making the day(s) a success, really was great to catch up with so many old (and new) friends.


 A big big Thank you to Ted and Lucie and all the team that put on one of the best National Rallies yet, there was so much to enjoy and do and I know from working on the Spring Rally this year how much work you all put in to make such a fantastic weekend for everyone. The South East members I spoke to all had a fantastic time.SmileThumbs up

Well done to you all you did an excellent job and the evening do at the Marriott was very enjoyable, food and company excellent.

Thanks to the Mxicans for a fun evening of dancing and laughter on the dance floor . Thanks to Jon for letting me be navigator in the Auto Test run, really enjoyed and looking forward to having a go myself next time.

Thanks and see you all at the Spring Rally in Cornwall

Sarah (Mazda Chick) xxxxxxx





Just got back, had a great weekend, out on track on saturday in session 4 we did have a down pour halfway through the session which made it a bit more interesting to say the least. Wink

Good evening at the marriott with the rest of the North Thames crew, we were the three noisy tables in the corner Party ( All complaints in writing to Mr E Terry) Thumbs up

A bit confused about the after dinner speech. Confused 

A great rally day well done to all of the Northampton members who put a lot of time and effort into this event, thank-you.Smile

I would like to add that the best part of the day for me was the Auto Test, not that I got near the top but I was more then happy with 1.03. Big Smile

Not a speck of mud on my car as it was nice and clean in the safety of the car park, So a big thank you to Chris ( madge ) for the use of his pride and joy. Car---------  I will come round Saturday to clean it with my magic cloth.

Just got home after staying over an extra day and taking a fun ride home with a group from North Thames.

So - posting so late, there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said in the previous posts.  Well done to the Northampton team. A superb weekend and very lucky with the weather too.

Awesome eventThumbs up a big thanks from me to the team and everyones hard work, you should all be very proud of yourselves it was a very successful event.

Plus I came away with some Bling and more on backorderBig Smile 

Huge thanks to everyone involved with the rally at the weekend, Mum and I had a great time. It was lovely to see some now familiar faces again and talk to lots of new ones too. 

Mum took an Mx5 race car round Stowe on the Saturday, the smile on her face was huge when she got out and straight in with me to go round in mine for another half an hour, made all the more interesting by random cones appearing and disappearing from the middle of corners! I got talking to a lovely lady at dinner (apologies, I’m rubbish with names, though I can remember their car’s called Flash! Embarassed) I’m trying to think of one now! 

We parked up for the competitions on Sunday just in time (sorry Robbie!, no excuse really, we had been sleeping about 500 yds away!) which was great to be involved in, not surprisingly didn’t win anything but the standard of cars was very high and it was good to have a chat with the judges and interesting to learn what they were looking for; though realistically I don’t think I have the time or the money to be in with a chance!! 

My highlight was the Autotest, that was just so much FUN! I could have gone round again and again. I was pleased with my 105.9, 105.0 and 103.5. I’d liked to have known how much more I could have got that down… I’m going to start a thread (if there isn’t already one) to see what everyone’s times were.

Are there any plans for the rally to come to the Eastern region one day? Bentwaters perhaps? And can we definitely have an Autotest?! Big Smile

Great Rally