When are all these going to end?
Two thirds are system posts!


I suspect never. The ‘modern’ generation seem to require continuous adulation. If you don’t continually tell them how wonderfully they are performing they take their bat home mumbling ‘Im not appreciated’.

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I was going to ‘like’ your post but I see you already have that badge…


I’ve got one from “discobot”, just says “Greetings!”. Sounds dodgy, or Is that part of the system too?

You have a ‘like’ badge, why haven’t I got one, it’s not fair, where’s my bat I am going home!


This, though they’ll probably get fewer the longer you’re here.

Discobot is the forums Artificial Intelligence engine… :eye:

Discobot, so 70s . love it


Unless, of course, it was a Saturday Night Virus.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they dismissed from the list after clicking on them, but even going into the profile page and clicking dismiss all doesn’t work.

In fact though I clicked it the other day (and it did nothing) it’s now greyed out and on hover shows the red you cannot perform this action icon.

I’ve been playing around with trying to delete the messages.

If you go into your Messages through your Profile it is possible to use the little menu bars to dig down into the options and eventually selectable tick boxes appear, and once one box has been ticked then the Archive option appears, so that message can be removed from view. But I have yet to be able to delete them.

This is an annoying silliness; you have to know what is possible to be done, and where, before you travel down the correct branch of the hidden maze to do it. It should be so much simpler, with options being more visible.

The whole thing feels like it has ‘growd like Topsy’ instead of being properly structured with naive users in mind. There are lots of really nice features, but finding them is a pain.

So still no wiser as to when they might end but at least they appear to be slowing down,
It begs the question what are they for?
Why do I/we need them?
I have been a member on here for six years and at 72 I am past the age of needing encouragement and rewards for doing something, especially something I enjoy …. well most of the time anyway!
More importantly how does one get back to the front page, if that’s what it is called that listed all the posts, it used to be just a button push away?

If you want to go back to the start from anywhere click the logo at top left.


Hi Dave,
Hit the blue MX5OC logo top left from any page and Bobs Your Uncle.
I hope I get a ‘reward’ for this!!!

Many thanks Ian/Malc yet another of life’s little mysteries solved, although no medal/promotion earned as yet! :cry: :cry: :cry:

What a load of crap! 19 years I’ve been a member and on the forums since they started, now I get a message saying I’ve earned Basic!

Same as we all do Richard it’s a level playing field for everyone.

I’ve now got more medals/badges than a Red Army general!!!


But not as many as Ian - he’s got 16 !! Does anyone have more than Ian?

I’m obviously spending too much time here or something :sunglasses: