Curborough Sprint Day 14th May 2023

We are heading back for another super popular Curborough Sprint day on 14th May.

Drivers take to this short technical sprint track one at a time, you can challenge yourself or drive within your comfort zone without the concern of having to negotiate other vehicles. The short circuit is particularly well suited for the MX-5, making it a fantastic opportunity to put both your machine’s handling and your own driving abilities to the test even if you are an experienced track goer or complete novice there is much to be learned and fun to be had.

Tickets now available

However, it’s important that you come prepared, ensuring that both you and your car are ready to take on the track safely and can enjoy the day out to the maximum.
We ask that you wear clothing that covers your arms and legs (although gloves are not required) and keep the side windows up while driving, regardless of whether you drive a hardtop or soft top, with the roof up or down. You will require to bring a helmet, your membership card and driving licence with you.

As for your MX-5, it’s important that it’s road legal, including the tyres. Slicks will not be accepted. Track cars are permitted, but again, these must be road legal. All vehicles will be subjected to noise checks prior to entering the track, so make sure your car doesn’t exceed the maximum threshold of 105db.

Novices and complete newcomers to track driving are very welcome, and there will be qualified instructors to help get you started. Cameras should be firmly affixed within the car and not handheld. Spectators and passengers are also welcome.

The price is £46 per car, and you should book your spot early to avoid disappointment.
To secure your place please book your ticket on the Club store online


:+1: ta mate

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Signed up looking forward to seeing you all there :slight_smile:
This time I got it correct and paid for two
entries, so my oh can do around as well :slight_smile: it will make it a busy day :slight_smile:


It’s one way to keep your tyres warm.

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Booked :+1:


I’ve just booked. Did my first sprint there last month and had a great time!

Hi all I’m a new member, first time booking a sprint day, is there any advice on what I should bring ?
Many thanks Tom


Full face Helmet, long sleeved top, and don’t have to much junk in your boot.

Some money for nibbles and drinks.


Tyre pressure guage and pump? Lots of opinions as to what psi you should be running on cold tyres but you might want to make minor adjustments throughout the day.

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Its not a trackday so you won’t be needing to worry about the tyres because by the time they warm up your be finishing the lap. So keep normal operating pressure and check them.

Helmet not sure if its actually required for closed shell cars - it probably is required for mx5 anyway and if you have one it be wise to use it regardless.

If you want a nice little electric pump/compressor (in general) this is good and i do use it on trackdays

Take it easy and enjoy yourself there’s no plastic gold for winning but its expensive to end up in the ditch

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Sounds about what I was looking for, thanks for advice

Please don’t speculate - as per description above a helmet is required.

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re my comment about helmets, I recorded this at a curborough sprint and if you go to at 11 seconds you can see the chap wears no helmet in a vehicle with a solid roof.
However you do need one if there is no roof like in an mx5 (and using the word probably was unfortunate on my part).

As I said I would wear one regardless.

It is part of the conditions of hire, some ******* on the internet does not the rules make.


As of this morning 11 spots for 14th May remain.

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Have you got towing eyes/straps? Not mandatory but the stewards will frown at you.

Just want to confirm it is on a Sunday. As last time was a Saturday.

Booked !

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If space allows could I bring a second driver on my car but non club member ?

Yes Sunday 14th May

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