Curborough Sprint, September 10th 2022

As part of the Club’s Rally weekend we have a special day at Curborough on Saturday September 10th.

Tickets for this event are limited and will go live on Saturday August 6th. on the Club store

Being the first time we have been able to return to the circuit in the past few years the day will also be in memory of Gerry Nichols who was responsible for creating the opportunity for the Club to get going at Curborough many years ago.

Drivers will take to the sprint track one at a time, allowing them to drive within their comfort zone and removing the concern of having to negotiate other vehicles. The short technical circuit is particularly well suited for the MX-5, making it a fantastic opportunity to put both your machine’s handling and your own driving abilities to the test.

However, it’s important that you come prepared, ensuring that both you and your car are ready to take on the track safely and can enjoy the day out to the maximum.
We ask that you wear clothing that covers your arms and legs (although gloves are not required) and keep the side windows up while driving, regardless of whether you drive a hardtop or soft top, with the roof up or down. You will require to bring a helmet, your membership card and driving licence with you.

As for your MX-5, it’s important that it’s road legal, including the tyres. Slicks will not be accepted. Track cars are permitted, but again, these must be road legal. All vehicles will be subjected to noise checks prior to entering the track, so make sure your car doesn’t exceed the maximum threshold of 105db.

Novices and complete newcomers to track driving are very welcome, and there will be qualified instructors to help get you started. Cameras should be firmly affixed within the car and not handheld. Spectators and passengers are also welcome.

The price is £45 per car, and you should book your spot early to avoid disappointment. To secure your place please book your ticket on the Club store online


Sprint spots for Curborough can purchased through the Club store at the following link

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I assume a single passenger is not included?

The options are “no passenger” and “extra passenger” - does “extra passenger” mean “a passenger” (on track - I note spectating is free).

Just want to be clear.

If you want to take a passenger on track, you’ll need to put them through on the ticket, they will need to register (sent prior to event in email), complete indemnity and will need to attend the briefing and safety instructions as well as bring a helmet.

Other drivers can jump in the passenger seat, with you as they will have completed all the above as part of their participation.

But everyone on track will need to complete all the administrative requirements.

Thanks - but that was not the question.

The option is “extra” passenger - I was merely asking if that was for a single passenger, or an “additional”.

Apologies if not clear.

Your entry is just for you to drive, if you want any passengers to go round the track as a passenger you will have to buy an extra ‘ticket’ for every passenger that you want to take unless they have already purchased an entry as a driver.

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The passenger is an extra on the car + driver ticket

The semantics have been adjusted to just read Passenger ticket.

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Iain are we doing the full track (with the wriggly bits)?

Is it possible to accommodate passengers who can only get there for the afternoon session? Can they get a safety briefing around lunchtime?

The layout that we plan to use will be the figure of eight which will be shown on sighting laps

why not the full track?

I’ve just booked this.

I last competed at Curborough the day after my 1st wedding ( :innocent:) on Sept 3rd 1978. I ran in the up to 1300cc road car class for which I set that years bogey time the previous year. After that, something then put the mockers on my motorsport activities ( :thinking: :crazy_face:) and I have been looking to return there for some time, fortunately supported by the current Mrs. L. :smiley:

In those days I was rallying (and sprinting) a Mini Cooper S so the handling of an MX-5 is a little different but I had some practice at Blyton Park on the 1st inst. I’m looking forward to seeing how the track has developed and hoping to do the double loop of the figure 8 as I believe this is possible now - though not used back in my day.

I suspect that ‘manning’ the venue is one of the main constraints along with ‘health & safety’ concerns.

From the official start to the first/second corners you can gain some significant pace so starting from the gate near the pits as we did on the ‘training day’ that I did, reduces considerably the possibility of any high speed incidents. It also means you do not need as many people to run the event and that you are more likely to get a higher number of runs in. It looks much easier to control the event from this one point at the heart of the pits.

You will note from the information that “There will be no official timing this is a Sprint introduction training day.” so it is all about learning without making it too daunting for any novices that may be taking their first step in to track driving.

It is very good value and I would highly recommend this to both experienced drivers and novices alike.


no timing = no race = no need for officials… (less complicated)

id doesn’t make a difference whether they run the whole track or the top bit. I just wished they would want to do the whole track. Its going to be one car on track at any time anyway…

If only things were that simple!!!

Start by the pits gate? That’s a pity as we used to start from the far end collection area and I think it will take a lot of the fun from the run. After all, we ran Blyton Park without speed restriction and that was a long straight to the first corner which is run at considerable speed. Difficult to see why more marshals would be required.

With a full run time of only 41 seconds (which is what I used to do it in) you are not going to get many more runs in by starting short

I have just looked at the track layout on Google maps and quite frankly, I’m no longer sure it is worth doing the event if the start is by the pits gate, unless that is, the run will be twice around the figure 8.

Advise please Ian.

I only know where we started when I did it, so you will have to wait for official confirmation of the start for this years event.

Please don’t speculatively over simplify.

It’s a fun day - set up for all abilities - the run down to the corner extends time considerably in managing cars on and off the track, lessens overall runs and introduces a speed factor that increases the magnitude of risk. That might be ok for you, but not for everyone.

However, in all the time we’ve been here have I ever heard anyone moan about the lack of technical challenge or fun the day presents. It sells out every time, sometimes twice or 3 times a year.

I’ll let others who have been there and done the day chip in on fun and technical factors.

Though I don’t know what you mean by “quite frankly”? if you don’t want to go, fine request a refund before the cut-off (21 days) and will arrange that and someone else can take the place.


You can do the The Association of Hillclimb and Sprint Schools approved Sprint School at Curborogh if you want to run the full course but don’t want to run in a full MUK event. Link HERE.