Dab aerial options for NC

Looking to replace my NVA-SD-8110 with a DAB DD head unit on my 2013 Sport Graphite and I think I’ve covered off the various bits and pieces I need but not sure on the aerial front.

Not too keen on the windscreen mounted option so my question is can the existing aerial be used with a splitter?

And if not what is available for DAB that looks like the existing aerial?

From what I have been reading recently about DAB aerial’s for MX5s, the answer is “no” because the NCs aerial has an amplifier which amplifies the FM signal, but mutes / damps / removes the DAB signal.

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Have replaced my NVA-SD-8110 too.
I know you don’t want a windscreen one, but I think you may be stuck with it, (as me). :man_shrugging:
It does work well and you can sort of hide it and just got used to it being there.
Shame as the 5 is limited where you can put it. (My Volvo OEM one is mounted in the rear quarter window.
I looked at “several” threads about putting one else where and no joy, (for me anyway)
A chap spent ages and money with other options and no joy.
Good luck. :+1:

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Considerations with the DAB stick on screen aeriel. In both NC’s I’ve had and currently have one, I’ve also got a dash cam hardwired in. Put the DAB aeriel opposite side of the windscreen to the dash cam and wiring for that. I got interference on DAB station from the dash cam when it fired up. Buying a decent hardwire kit and adding ferrites to the cabling helped too.
Also get a decent DAB aeriel, having tried cheapo versions I spent a little more (not much more) and it all works fine.

Presumably the ND comes with DAB as standard? Just wondering if a mishmash of NC/ND parts would do the trick.

Of course all just idle musing I haven’t look at my own aerial in any detail never mind the ND one.

Or indeed some kind of combination of the NC base and parts from an aftermarket dab roof aerial…

But maybe I just need to get over the screen mounted objection, anyone got some pics they could share please?

Do you mean this, I hardly notice it from the drivers seat?

As Mick said don’t get the cheapest. :+1:
It’s out of the normal drivers eye line really too.

I recently installed a refurbished stereo in my 2003 NB. It came with a ‘cheap-and-cheerful’ screen mounted aerial which I have no use for (my aerial doesn’t have an amp, so a splitter is doing the job for me).

I’ll happily stick it in the post if you PM me your postal address. Then you can have a play and see what it sounds and looks like in your vehicle

Thanks the offer is very much appreciated, but I haven’t bought a DAB head unit yet.

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Just make sure of the connection compatibility for the DAB aerial. I don’t know if there’s a standard now but when swapping out a 4 year old unit to a JVC unit last year the connection differed.
I got this one below, the connection matched that of my new unit, an SMB connector.

DriveSmart DAB Car Aerial DAB+ Replacement Antenna SMB Right Angle DAB Digtial Car Radio Glass Windscreen Mount Antenna 3M. Fits Pioneer AN-DAB1 Clarion Kenwood Alpine JVC https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HQSFV6S/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_RKVNHBM7BKA95TK7WD60

I have seen a post elsewhere where someone said they’d removed the amp off the standard aerial (apparently not difficult) then used an amplified splitter downstream.

Not sure what that does to FM however.

Same post talked about the standard aerial not being long enough (40cm) but there’s lots of DAB roof aerials much shorter than that surely?

Curiosity killed the cat and all that.
Still can’t find anything else that would be really suitable for the MX5 apart from this maybe?
Gets a fair amount of reviews and potentially more discreet perhaps :thinking:

I have a Moss stubby aerial, which is claimed to be DAB compatible.
Exactly what that means I don’t know, as I haven’t tried using it with DAB but it might be worth contacting them to find out.

I have one of those as well, which works fine for the FM side of things.
Arguably, pretty much redundant now.
As people have said that side of things has the “amplifier”. (see below picture).
Whether the DAB aspect would work straight from that side (via a splitter) and disconnecting the power lead who knows, (I still doubt it will). But then the FM side wouldn’t function.
Would love to be proved wrong mind.
Hopefully some one will try it when they have it all apart?
Juan27, good luck with that 10mm thread bolt mind!!!

Picture of the plug and antenna lead with the Blue power wire which connected to the NVA-SD-8110.

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I’ve been looking at this…

This seems to suggest it provides FM and DAB amplification.

From what I’ve read the standard amp is easily and reversibly removed from the aerial leaving a standard aerial plug.

I reckon I could make up a long coax cable to test it all before doing anything to drastic.

If it doesn’t work then I’ll fall back on the windscreen option.

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Yes, I saw that at the time of doing mine, but was put off.
I just got to the point where a windscreen antenna will be fine.
The link does provide bypass methods perhaps though…
Give them a bell and discuss would be my advice, otherwise £48 down the drain.
Be very interested in any results mind.
Good luck :+1:


"Will NOT work with amplified aerials such as Beesting, built in the Glass etc! How can I tell if my aerial is amplified.
Converts unamplified FM/AM aerials to DAB/FM/AM. Does NOT convert FM/AM radios to DAB!

Here’s the link:


But to save reading it all:


Here’s a picture I found on eBay of the aerial showing the “passive” plug. Pic also shows the amp but I believe its not assembled properly.

So a long din extension could replace the current cable to the head unit…connecting to the splitter and new head unit.

Is there a how to on removing the stereo? I’m good on all the leads and stuff I need for replacement, but just a step by step guide to removing the OEM unit would be useful? Sure I’ve seen one but can’t find it now.

Google or YouTube search will bring up videos of such stuff with a simple search like MX-5 or Miata NC radio removal.:+1: