Display Names

Thanks James

PLEASE don’t call me James!

everyone, please use Jim or thibor!

What if I’m your Mum?

my mother’s ashes are in a box with my dads on the family shrine that I have in my flat!

the only people who use my first name are either close family or, idiots, who I can not stand!
and I’m pretty sure that no one here wants to be in either of those 2 groups!

so please Jim or thibor!
and yes I know mistakes do happen which is why I’m having fun with this rather than blowing a gasket!

Sorry Jim, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.

you didn’t offend me mate!
it actually made me chuckle!

and gave me the opportunity to make sure everyone knows its jim or thibor :slight_smile:

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I updated your display name…


thank you very much.
tbh i thought thibor was my display name but then again i am ■■■■ at forums!

If you click on your name or avatar alongside one of your posts it shows your full name, which I assume was previously set to J***s.

I thought that your full name was supposed to be hidden.
gotta be honest iv only been an active member of like 2 other forums but on both of them, your full name was private! and everyone used screen names.
(that was back in the wild west days of the internet when using your real name was a very bad idea and a quick way to get ripped off)

my screen names are always either thibor firenz or Grendel Silmarillion.

No rules around that, it can be though, some do, some don’t.

basically, if you meet me in real life I will respond to:


so feel free to use whichever you like! :smiley:
just please don’t use james!

Sorted :slight_smile: :smiley:

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