Dog Sh*t in Bags

As a none dog owner I wonder if any owners on here could enlighten me as to why people go through the process of picking up dog pooh, putting it into a bag and then dumping it in trees, bushes, on fences, the side of paths and finally today at the end of my drive? I know the favourite excuse of “I was going to pick it up on my way back” but can’t believe there are so many forgetful people out there :grinning: I guess the bag does ensure that the pooh lasts much longer so the owners can walk past with pride for much longer………maybe that’s it, a vanity project?


Wish I could get my dog to do it straight into a bag…


Wondered this myself. I’d rather they just left the sh1t, at least it will biodegrade quite quickly.

In a similar vein, last year, while out for a bike ride, we found bags of grass clippings dumped at the side of the road. Had they emptied the bags out, the grass would have rotted away in a few weeks.




As long time dog owners this has mystified us for years. I understand the ‘we will pick it up on the way back’ argument - we’ve done that ourselves, but not if you’ve thrown it into a tree first you won’t, and clearly there are a lot of very forgetful dog walkers out there. Sometimes we were embarrassed to be dog owners.


As a new first time dog owner I’m not condoning it but have now noticed how few bins they are,guess that’s why people dump it rather than bin it. Amazed how many dog walkers I see who never have a bag in their hand compared to me who constantly seems to be attached to one.

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There’s no excuse, there just dirty ignorant so and so’s, I have a dog, and always have 2 bags in case he has a second wind, if there’s no bin around we take it home, its not rocket science, as for chucking the bags into tree’s and ponds etc , there’s no excuse at all , its just pure unadulterated selfish ignorance, some people act like animals and are probably proud of it to boot.


Simple really.
They know there’s a fair chance they could be observed allowing the dog foul and not observing the law. I think locally here it’s a £100.00 fine…I know it’s an expensive offence.
Now, there you are with a nice warm steaming dog turd all wrapped up…and then just wait till you can “off it” in a less dodgy line-of-sight area. where there is a less likely to zero chance of observation.
These oxygen thieves are probably much the same level of moral compass by-passers as Cov-id breakers & panic bog rollers. Just people being a**hol* people.
Just another example of why you can trust a Labrador a lot more than many morons you walk past in the street. They need a court appearance, outed in public, and a large pineapple inserted per rectum.


Or, its possible they don’t like you. Or a drug deal gone wrong (baggies that weren’t what they purported to be.

I’m assuming the original question is rhetorical, rather than actually what goes through someone’s mind.

I would draw a distinction though between people who do this and “Cov-id breakers & panic bog rollers”, because there are a lot of people who really just don’t know, and depend on a lot of fake news that is being spread around by people with ulterior motives.

I’ve banged on about how beautiful our walk can be, lovely canal towpaths to use for our exercise. Not many folk about but yes there are dog walkers. Can’t see in the pics but yep plenty of those little black bags thrown in the trees or just left on the towpath, they provide bins too.
Also a favourite place by the bridge to leave your empty Stella cans, tin foil and syringes and all manner of empty packets.:grimacing:

These people know very well what they do and why in accordance with their own pre-meditated agendas & social standards .
That is why it’s a fine-able offence. Takes a bit of doing to chuck them up 10 or 15 feet into trees. I’ve seen sly-scanners in our parks for years doing just that…quick 180 degree visual recce…quick flick of wrist…job jobbed so to speak. Except they miss people like myself & SWMBO now and again.
I know what I’ve seen, as does my wife.

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Can of worms here, because the people that hang poo in tree’s, leave Great Dane poo pyramids on the park green, stella drinking junkies and fly tippers etc,all have a similar attitude, they just dont give a monkey’s
When my boys were younger playing football in the Park, if there was a pile of fresh poo, they and their ball would find it, and I would only realize this one we got going in the car and the stench rose up and hit me, so on went the brakes, all out, and had to try and clean up the mess by the roadside, only to discover the ball was thrown in the back with the picnic blanket.
All because of a selfish uncaring dog owner, thanks a bunch.


I’m referring to “Cov-id breakers & panic bog rollers”. The former I assume meant people who were rigidly adhering to physical distancing (given the government admitted that the “2 meter” rule was based on the assumption that people didn’t actually know how long 1 meter was, no wonder there is confusion). The latter I assume were people who panic purchased toilet rolls, based on the fake news that was spread that all toilet paper was made in China. I would give these people a bit of a break (to an extent).

I’d agree with your characterisation of people who thoughtlessly discard bags containing canine faeces.

Why bags end up repeatedly in the same location (someone’s front garden) is probably due to the same person, who is probably doing it out of selfishness, but possibly (improbably) for other reasons.

Careful gents, there are a lot of antisocial activities we could all rant about, but we’re not going to solve them, so keep it light hearted if possible.

Me and the other half take great delight in county walks, and we often comment on those others we meet who seem to be taking a small bag of poo out for exercise. We have thought about taking one ourselves, a lot simpler just to do that than have the bother of a dog as well! Oh and the ski sticks, we can’t understand why people go out and take ski sticks with them in the English countryside.

But it takes all sorts, live and let live… :upside_down_face:

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I’ve started using clear freezer bags, as they are a lot thicker than the dog bags, and I have a strong stomach.
As for ski sticks ,I always assumed they helped push you along ?, either that or the users are a long way off piste and have lost their ski’s :upside_down_face:

The ‘ski sticks’ are possibly Nordic Walking sticks. Nordic Walking is a method of exercise whereby the effort of walking is partly taken by the upper body muscles via the sticks.

Or they are just being very cautious in case it snows whilst they are out. :grinning:

A clearer illustration of just how self-centred many in society today are, would be hard to find. Does my head in.

Thought this was April the 1st when I clicked on it! :joy: :joy:
(Yes I am a dog owner).
I could never get my head around ski sticks in the summer either. :thinking: :wink:

When we were kids my mum trained the cat to dig a hole, toilet into it, and then Cover it up :grinning:

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:joy: :joy:

Nordic Walking sticks have been very common among “serious” walkers on long walks and rough terrain for more years than I can remember, and are becoming more popular as more people get the walking bug, and they are an asset as if one foot slips you can remain upright instead of falling A over T and breaking something. :+1:

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